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File Editing and Viewing

Much like the Main File Library, you may edit your files in the Mini File Library by simply clicking on the Edit/View button found on the far right:

Screenshot of the Mini File Library

The File Editor will be activated  where you can make changes, view or add information about your file:

An screenshot of the File Editor

  • File Name - You can edit your file name here.
  • Description - write a brief description of your image. This will become the "alt tag," which will enable sight-impaired people using a browser reader know what is pictured.
  • File Display Size - resize the image to pre-set sizes.
  • File Alignment - option to determine where on the page the image will appear. If you select "center - no wrap," the photo will be centered on the page. If you select "right - wrap text," the picture will be on the right margin of the page and text on the page will wrap around the image. For placing the image on the left with wrapped text, select "left - wrap text."
  • Link - add a link in the "link" field to automatically make the picture a hyperlink to another page, image, or file.
  • Display Options - "Captions" will add a short field of text under your image, "Border" will add a border around your image, "Thumbnail with Link to Original" will create a small image of your file that will open to the original once clicked.
  • Replace file - If your file needs to updated, navigate to it here and replace it.

tip: After you edit and update your file,
make sure you update your asset as well.

By doing so you essentially republish the page and the changes will take effect.