Make the Most of Your Web Page Real Estate--Putting “Carewords” to Work

Oct 8, 2008

Last April, Communication Services surveyed our clientele to determine their web needs and preferences. This Carewords research revealed how our clientele use our county Web sites, the information they want and what words on the Web page resonate with them. 

We learned that our clients come to us for information on pest management and home gardening more than any other topics — Master Gardener programs are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the Carewords information.

Join us on December 4, 2008 from 10 – 3 in the Plum Room of the DANR Building in Davis for an intensive, hands-on workshop tailored to Master Gardener web content managers.

By attending this workshop you will learn:

  • Carewords results for your geographic area
  • Words that resonate with your key audience and cross-over audiences
  • We’ll individually analyze your current web content and suggest changes that you can make to create content with impact using the Carewords results.

Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, registration is limited to 10.

Participants should bring a laptop computer with wireless internet capability so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work! If you do not have one, we do have a couple available for your use that day by advanced reservation.

The cost of this workshop is $12.00. Lunch will be provided.

Register using this link –

Credit card payments and departmental charges will be accepted.

Unfortunately, travel support for the workshop is not available; the workshop fee covers lunch charges.

Questions? Contact Cynthia Kintigh at 530-754-3911, or Pam Geisel at 530-754-6000,

By Pamela M. Geisel
Author - UC Cooperative Extension Advisor, emeritus