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Sustainable Natural Ecosystems

Initiative Themes

The Sustainable Natural Ecosystems initiative works to preserve forests, rangelands, and wetlands. SNESI research and extension efforts aim to identify and prioritize issues and solutions affecting these regions. The initiative works in the key areas of:

  • Healthy rangelands, forests and working landscapes

  • Fighting Fire – Resilient forests and fire-safe urban areas

  • Protecting where we live. Healthy landscapes and urban forests

  • Enhancing our water supply


Public Value: The SNE SI helps California and Californians by building our state economy, helping protect our natural resources, and by building capacity of our people and communities.

Our Strategic Initiatives help unify, communicate and advocate for the work we do.


Grand Challenges

The SNE SI panel support this work by bringing a broad spectrum of expertise and practice and helps identify key emerging issues including:

  • Fire

  • Land use policy

  • Protecting water supplies - quality and quantity

  • Climate change

  • (Biodiversity)



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