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Let's Eat Healthy! In The Spotlight

Staff Physical Activity Challenge

PA Challenge Spotlight 7-25-17 (2)
UC CalFresh staff stepped up their physical activity and tested out a new healthy living app for a statewide competition!

Hand Washing Lessons with Germie the Germ Bug

Hand Washing Lessons with Germie the Germ Bug

The Let's Eat Healthy! Program, a local name for the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program, has spent the past several months teaching students about food safety and the importance of hand washing. Germie the Germ Bug, a purple colored germ prop with a black light, was used as a hands-on teaching tool.

March is National Nutrition Month!

national nutrition month 2012
If it's March...it's National Nutrition Month! Celebrate by getting your plate in shape.

Let's Eat Healthy! is Cooking with Kids

Find out how kids in the kitchen can establish new skills, healthy eating habits and have fun. View the new Let's Eat Healthy! is Cooking with Kids video.

Let's Take a Taste

girl eating a carrot
Let's Take a Taste. Children who try new healthy foods and who are willing to try the food again are more likely to choose these foods again.

Fliers were sent to First Street and Cirby Elementary teachers encouraging those interested to sign up for a food tasting called Let's Take a Taste in their classroom. 32 teachers signed up to participate. Program Representatives went to each classroom; first showing the students raw sweet potato strips and asking if the students knew what they were. Students were then asked to taste and answer six questions. Teachers received a one page fact sheet and recipe for baked sweet potato fries to discuss with students and copy to send home.

From Knowledge to Action

FSNEP particpated in Cirby Elementary's Choosing Healthy Snacks event.
FSNEP particpated in Cirby Elementary's Choosing Healthy Snacks event.
From Knowledge to Action. The University of California Let’s Eat Healthy! Program has been teaching nutrition in Placer and Nevada County schools since 2001. Through MyPyramid, children learn about the food groups and what different foods do for our bodies. Most will tell you that hot cheetos, candy and soda are at the top of the pyramid and will do nothing to help them grow and be strong. But this
doesn’t stop some from bringing these foods to school for a snack....

Krispy Kale Chips


As a supplement to the Farm to Fork curriculum, Mrs. Kerksieck’s first grade students at Hennessy Elementary School made kale chips. Students cut fresh kale from their school garden and baked them into kale chips for a healthy snack.

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