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How UC ANR is making a difference for Californians
How do I write a UC Delivers?

UC Delivers is a blog for compelling impact stories with measured outcomes that communicate how your program contributes to public value.


Write a brief, catchy headline capturing the outcome of your project. Use strong verbs and UC ANR's condition changes.

  • Example: 4-H increases civic engagement


Social media summary

This quick, 200 character summary is ideal for use on social media. Briefly describe the measured outcome of your project and use a number when available (i.e. percentage of particpants who reported changes in learning or behavior, etc.). Frame it in big picture language - UC ANR’s public value on an issue California/Californians are facing - and leave the full details for the rest of the story.

  • Example: After attending a 4-H Summer Academy, 95% of youth participants reported they would like to be a leader in their community.


The Issue

Answer WHY was this project necessary? What is the challenge this project is trying to address? Help the reader understand why this project is important and for whom. Be brief. Use numbers when possible.

How UC Delivers

Describe WHAT was done for this project, including details on who did it, how they did it, when they did it, where they did it, and who was served/reached/participated. Be detailed but concise and use concrete numbers when possible. Optional: Include block quote from community partner or collaborator, highlighting UC ANR’s role. (In text editor portion, select text and apply block quote style from dropdown.)

The Impact

Describe the impact or results from the project. Answer the question, SO WHAT? What difference did this project make to address The Issue? This is your longest section and the most important part of your blog post.

  • Describe your participant outcomes (i.e., changes in knowledge, attitude, skills; changes in behavior or practices; changes in policy or decision-making) and include any data (i.e. X% of people gained Y skill.).
  • Explain how the project contributes to UC ANR’s condition changes and public value. Cite existing research/literature to make the connection between measured participant outcomes and longer term benefits. Include condition change indicators from other organizations when available to support your contribution.
  • Discuss how the project, or the benefits from the project, will continue. Include any goals, next steps, or future directions that will follow or result from the project.

Optional: Include block quote from member of clientele group, highlighting difference UC ANR’s efforts made in their lives. (In text editor portion, select text and apply block quote style from dropdown.)



All UC Delivers posts must have at least one photo. Any photos with members of the public must have media release forms per UC ANR's and/or your statewide program's guidelines.