Youth Summit Registration

Coronavirus 2019 Testing for In-person Activities

Everyone attending statewide and overnight 4-H events must show proof of a negative COVID test result, taken within 48 hours before the event.

1. Take a viral COVID test within 48 hours of the event. Home self- tests (at your own cost) will also be accepted.

2. At in-person event check-in, show proof of a negative test result with a photo or electronic copy of test results. Home self-tests should show proof using a time stamped photo of the result.

3. If you have a Positive or Inconclusive test result, you will not be allowed to attend the 4-H event in person. Please check with the event organizers about virtual options to participate before arriving at the event.

4. Test results will be verified by a pre-determined 4-H staff member or adult volunteer.

Maintaining individual privacy and confidentiality is a primary concern. Copies of test results will not be collected or retained by 4-H. The only record will be to document that test results were viewed and confirmed for each individual.