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Types of Leave

A leave of absence occurs when an employee requests time away from work for any number of reasons; personal, medical, pregnancy disability, or military.

 Leave of Absence Training


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family medical leave is the terminology used by University of California campuses and ANR for medically related leaves which includes the Family Medical Leave Act as well as the Pregnancy Disability Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act.

As soon as you have knowledge of a possible serious health condition, please email and attach any applicable paperwork.

Below you will find the link to the FMLA Toolkit on the UC Davis website as well as the documentation necessary to designate a leave as FMLA.

Designating a leave as FMLA (Download all documents here):

  1. Department Checklist – This is to keep you on track, it’s not necessary to turn this form in.
  2. Employee Checklist – This is to keep the employee on track and is not necessary to turn in.
  3. Staff Leave Request Form – For the employee to fill out and you to approve.
  4. Designation Notice – For the department to fill out (after the employee completes the staff leave request form). The employee should be provided a copy along with the Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Return to Work Certification Form. 
  5. Notice of Eligibility and Rights – For the department to fill out and return to the employee, it lets them know what is required of them, and why they qualify/do not qualify for FMLA. 
  6. Return to Work Certification Form – The employee will need to verify their eligibility to return to work, with a doctor. This form is requested from the employee; however a doctor’s note will suffice. Check the box on the Designation Notice to notify employee. 
  7. Medical Certification - Any FMLA leave must have a medical certification from a doctor. Most doctors use their own forms, but UCD has forms of their own that are available for use if necessary. 
  8. Intermittent Leave Tracking – In certain instances FMLA may be taken on an intermittent basis, and this form will assist you in the tracking. 
  9. Template Letters – 18 different letter templates for your use. These assist you with the employee notification process.  If you need assistance determining which letter to use, please contact the SPU.
  10. FML Factsheet - For the employee’s information.

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