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Calculating Costs to Hire


This page is information only, with any specific questions on calculating your budget, please contact your financial control point. In many cases this is the Business Operations Center.

Please direct any appointment questions to Human Resources at

Calculating the Budget for a University Employee

To budget for a new employee

  1. Establish one or more titles codes to calculate based on the job functions, qualifications, impact and scope of the position. 
  2. Determine the salary based on the salary scale applicable to the location.
  3. Determine the appointment duration and percentage of time for the new employee. For example, 18 months in duration at 75% time. This information will determine the appointment type (career, contract, limited). 
  4. Determine the Composite Fringe Benefit Rate based on the title code and appointment type. You can do this by looking up the Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator (BELI) code and referencing against the composite benefit rate charts.
  5. Calculate salary budget using salary rate, percentage of time and duration of appointment.
  6. Calculate benefits budget by multiplying the salary budget by the composite benefit rate.

 * You may wish to consult our Typical Positions 2022 for general information on the job functions and associated costs.

Determining the Salary Scale

The UC Title Code System (TCS) website is a tool you may find useful when preparing budgets and requesting salary data for employees. The system has all of the title codes the University of California uses, and it lists the title codes by University. 

Systemwide Salary Scales (TCS) - This system includes all title codes across all campuses.

  • For the non-represented positions, you may wish to refer to the Non-Rep range for the CT classification.
  • Represented employees utilize different campus salary scales based on location. Please refer to Salary Rates by Location to match your location with the salary scale you would use for covered employees. If you are uncertain which scale to use in the title code system please consult with


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