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Applying for a Special Event Permit

Special thanks to an applicant who shared their experience for the following detailed information about applying for a Special Event Permit (PRMD) for unincorporated Sonoma County. (Spring 2019) 

Getting Started

Begin this process as soon in the planning process as possible. It will take weeks to complete.

Farm to Table Dinner

You need to download 3 forms from the Permit Sonoma website:

  1. PJR-001 Planning Application
  2. PJR-025 Special Events/Cultural Event- Agency Approvals
  3. PJR-011 Indemnification Agreement

Gather all documentation before visiting Permit Sonoma.
Four (4) complete sets of documentation are needed.

PJR-001 + Attachments

This is a multi-purpose form. The County website will instruct you to attach to PJR-001 the following:

Applications for Special Event Permits must include the following items. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  1. Completed Zoning Permit Application PJR-001 (PDF) signed by the applicant and property owner.
  2. Proposal Statement indicating the date(s); times; duration of the event(s); activities to be held; number of participants; music; food; security; crowd control measures; road closures; alcoholic beverages; location and number restroom facilities.
  3. Indemnification agreement must be signed by each property owner. PJR-011
  4. Site Plan. Show the area of the event, existing/proposed structures, parking areas, restroom location(s), circulation and other pertinent information.
  5. Agency Approvals. PJR-025 lists all the agencies involved. Signatures/approvals must be obtained from each of the agencies identified on the attached form. These approvals may be submitted with the application or prior to posting the zoning permit. Please note: other departments may have separate fees and/or permit requirements that may need to be paid or obtained prior to clearance being provided on the Special Events/Cultural Events-Agency Approvals form (PJR-025) (PDF).
  6. Assessor's Parcel Map (attached). One 8 ½" x 11" copy of the current Assessor's Parcel Map with the project site highlighted. Maps available online or may be obtained from the County Assessor's Office or Permit Sonoma.
  7. Any other pertinent information necessary to provide a complete application and thorough evaluation of the event(s).


This form is referenced above. It is a list of the various agencies that must ‘sign-off’ on your event.

Supply 4 copies of the PJR-001 Application set and the PJR-025 because some agencies retain the application set while others do not.

Below is information about agencies you will need to visit. Agencies 1-4 are in the PRMD building, the other three are outside the PRMD. Start by going the PRMD and they will route you to the appropriate desks.

  1. Building Inspection: They get involved if there are special building or big tents.
  2. Health Specialist: This agency sees the application after it is complete and approved by the PRMD. They will advise about number of toilets, etc.
  3. Encroachment: They are interested in parking and if you are intersecting with the public right of way - county roads. They want to see parking on your site plan. If there will be encroachment, you will also need to complete Form ENC-004.
  4. Fire: The Fire Department requires you use their form in addition to the PJR-001. They kept a JR-001 set. They are interested in big tents, etc.
  5. Health Department: They have their own form. They don’t give the OK over the counter. You have to fill out their form (short) and leave a complete set. When approved they will call and send a scanned copy of the approval.
    625 5th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
  6. Sheriff: Also require that you leave a complete set. When the chief approves you must return and pick up the approval and bring to the PRMD.
    2796 Ventura Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
  7. Highway Patrol: Obtain sign off and return to PRMD.
    6100 Labath Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 94928


The purpose of the Indemnification Agreement is to allow the County to be held harmless in terms of potential legal costs and liabilities in conjunction with permit processing and approval.