Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKO)

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On September 18, 2018, then Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 626 (AB 626), making an amendment to the California Retail Food Code: Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations which established “microenterprise home kitchen operation” (MEHKO) as a new category of retail food facility.  

MEHKOs are food facilities operated out of a private residence by the resident and are allowed to produce a very broad variety of complex food products that the CFO permit does not allow. Cooks prepare, cook and serve food to consumers on the same day either through delivery, take-out, or dine-in the home. 

MEHKOs have several restrictions. For example, MEHKOS may only sell prepared foods from the permitted residence to individuals and not to other businesses, or the resident or their employee can deliver the food to the buyer.

MEHKO's are NOT allowed in Sonoma County at this time:

"The local governmental jurisdiction where the MEHKO resides must have in place an ordinance or resolution that creates a food permit and inspection program with the local environmental health agency that meet the requirements under the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) Chapter 11.6."

Requesting MEHKO in Sonoma County

Contact your city/town official(s), Sonoma County Environmental Health & Safety and your County Supervisor and request this:

Organizations that Support MEHKO's

  • COOK Alliance a non-profit with a mission to help establish MEHKO's throughout CA with resources for applicants and for counties looking to approve this program.
  • Foodnome an online network of home restaurants that provides resources for MEHKO's. Sign up to Help Legalize Home Restaurants in Your County.
  • Mandela Partners an Oakland based organization who support the launch and growth of local food enterprises and much more.