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This list has been compiled by UCCE San Diego staff to provide resources, tools, and information on the topic of Climate Mitigation and Sustainability. Current as of July 12, 2021.

Climate Action Plan for San Diego County (para español, haga clic en "español" a la derecha) San Diego County Planning & Development Services Learn about the County's plan for addressing carbon emissions, sustainability, and climate change in our region.
Climate Change: What Does It Mean for Southern California? UCANR and UC Los Angeles This three-day webinar discusses the effects of climate change on Southern California agriculture. Topics of discussion include drought, adaptation for agriculture, fire management on rangelands and wildland-urban interface areas, and other topics.
UCANR Climate Change Press Kit UCANR Climate Change UCANR has compiled a series of resources that address climate change in California and its impact on agriculture. Contact a climate change expert, watch videos on drought and irrigation management, get updates on UC climate news, and more.
Climate Change Impacts for Specialty Crops (Southern California Region): English / Español Climate Science Alliance This report summarizes the impacts of climate change on specialty crops grown in Southern California, including the results of higher temperatures, reduced chill hours, frost events, and increased drought.
Western Regional Climate Center NOAA National Climatic Data Center The mission of the Western Regional Climate Center is to: Act as a repository of historical climate data and information; act as a repository of historical climate data and information; disseminate high quality climate data and information pertaining to the western United States; engage in applied research related to climate issues; and improve the coordination of climate-related activities at state, regional and national scales.
Cal-Adapt UC Berkeley Geospatial Innovation Facility Cal-Adapt is a web-based climate adaptation planning tool that provides a view of how climate change might affect California by synthesizing volumes of downscaled climate change projections and climate impact research from California's scientific research community.
Climate Change Indicator Platform US Global Change Research Program View how climate indicators like heat waves, billion-dollar disasters, frost-free seasons, and heating and cooling degree days can be used to demonstrate change in global climate over time, as well as consider and assess risks and vulnerabilities.
Climate Explorer NOAA National Climatic Data Center Individuals, businesses, and communities of all sizes can use the Climate Explorer map to understand how climate conditions in their locations are projected to change over coming decades.
Environmental Resilience Institute Toolkit Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute This database lists potential mitigation strategies for climate change related to a variety of issues, including rural agriculture, alternative and renewable energy sources, and water management.
States At Risk Climate Central Nonprofit News Explore how California is affected by extreme heat, drought, wildfires, and coastal and inland flooding.
Threat Assessments on California Rangelands California Landscape Conservation Partnership Ranchers, land managers, conservation organizations, planners, and other decision makers can explore six different scenarios to determine how California rangelands and their ecosystem services might be maintained in light of future threats.
Phenology Forecasts US National Phenology Network Phenology Forecast maps estimate when insect pests and invasive plants will reach life stages critical for monitoring and management.
Western Region Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook National Integrated Drought Information System (NOAA) NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Program created these Climate Outlooks to inform the public about recent climate impacts within their respective regions. Each regional report contains easy-to-understand language, and anyone can access them.