Small Scale compost Spreader to loan for free!

Imperial County and San Diego Cooperative Extension’s Climate Smart Agriculture Program is able to provide free-of-cost access to a 23-Bushel Loyal Manure spreader for smaller-scale growers looking to spread compost material on their land. The capacity of the spreader is about one yard so this equipment is best suited for operations no larger than a few acres. A small trailer will be needed to tow the spreader to and from the UCCE office (mostly in Holtville, Imperial) that authorized the release of the spreader.

If you are interested in borrowing the spreader to use in San Diego or Riverside counties) please contact Michael Jaquez at

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Additional Information

If you are interested in using the spreader, please watch this instructional video!


Equipment Specifications for Loyal Manure Spreader

· Dimensions: 101" x 46.5" x 40"

· Approximate Weight: Weight: 455lbs

· Heaped Capacity: 28.62 Cu. Ft.

· Ground Clearance: 9"

· Tow Capacity Requirement: 10 hp

Manure Spreader Pricelist


Equipment Specifications for Square Carry-on Trailer

· Dimensions: 5.5' x 10'

· Max Load Capacity: 2,076 lb.

· Square Tube Top Rail 

Tractor Supply Carry On Trailer Information