2019 Climate Action and Agriculture:
Agenda, Speaker Biographies, Presentations and Handouts

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Documents related to the 2019 Climate Action and Agriculture Symposium featuring an overview of the climate and agricultural industry trends in the San Diego County region. Additional information shared about relevant policies, regulations and current research and demonstration projects.

Agenda and Speaker Biographies

Agenda for the 2019 Climate Action and Agriculture Symposium held May 30, 2019, California State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, CA.

Biographies of Speakers at the Climate Action and Agriculture Symposium.



Daniel Sumner, PhD: University of California Agricultural Issues Center (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Climate Change, Policy and Economics of California Agriculture"

Eric Larson: San Diego County Farm Bureau (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Local Farming Today... Challenges... Trends"

Ramiro Lobo: University of California Cooperative Extension, San Diego (PowerPoint|PDF)
"San Diego County Farmers: Challenges and Opportunities"

Laurent Ahiablame, PhD: University of California Cooperative Extension, San Diego (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Global Environmental Change and Potential Impacts on California Agriculture"

Stephanie Ewalt: County of San Diego (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Climate Change and Agriculture: Current Regulations, County Goals and Efforts in Organics Material Management"

Jeanne Merrill: California Climate and Agriculture Network (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Climate & Agriculture: Climate Smart Agriculture Policy and Practice"

Mary Matava: Agri Service, Inc. (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Market Driven Organics Recycling" 

Puja Batra, PhD: Batra Ecological Strategies (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Climate Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Local Agriculture"

Martina Skjellerudsveen: Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Carbon Farming Efforts Facilitated by the RCD of Greater San Diego County"

Larry Slominski: LTS Solar Energy (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Farm the Sun for Sustainable Agriculture"

Ben Wong: County of San Diego (PowerPoint|PDF)
"Air Pollution Control District Grant Program"

Handout Materials
Handouts from County of San Diego Department of Public Works:

"Composting at Farms & Ranches in Unincorporated San Diego County" (PDF)

"Feeding Animals the Food We Don't Eat" (PDF)

"Regulatory Summary for Organics Recycling Facilities in Unincorporated San Diego County" (PDF)

"Quick Guide To Composting and Manure Management" (PDF)

Handouts from County of San Diego Air Pollution Control District:

"Equipment Grant Program Flyer" (PDF)

"Agricultural Equipment Grants" (PDF)
"Equipo Agrícola programas de subsidios financiados" (PDF)

"Infrastructure Projects" (PDF)
"Proyectos de Infraestructura" (PDF)

Handouts from the San Diego County Farm Bureau and San Diego Food System Alliance:

"Building a Climate Friendly San Diego from the Ground Up" (Website)

Website Resources
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Biochar Blog, Milt McGiffen (Blog)
UC Agriculture and Natural Resources/UC Riverside

UC Agricultural Issues Center (Website)

UC Small Farms Program (Website)

UC Agricultural Sustainability Institute (Website)

Science & Climate: UC Davis (Website)

Other Organizations:

CalCAN Blog: California Climate and Agriculture Network (Blog)

"Composting": County of San Diego Dept. of Public Works (Website)

Information Lists

Online Climate-Farming Tools

A listing of various web-based tools geared towards assisting farmers nationwide in implementing climate-farming practices. Note: Several resources in this spreadsheet are region specific and not applicable to San Diego and/or California agriculture; however, are included as consideration for potential adaptation to meet local agricultural industry needs.

To access and download the list, please click here.

Incentive Programs

A listing of federal, state and county programs, which offer funding support for farm enterprises and/or farm projects intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change.

To access and download the list please click here.