2020 Climate Action and Agriculture:
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Information and documents related to the 2020 Climate Action and Agriculture Symposium Webinar featuring information on current climate trends and agricultural impacts, soil health and updates about related projects in San Diego and neighboring counties.


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2020 Report: Climate Change Impacts for Specialty Crops (PDF Download, 70.7 MB)
by the Climate Science Alliance

Compost and Mulch Market Study, County of San Diego (PDF Download, 2.1 MB)
by the County of San Diego and Hidden Resources

Mulch Resources from Ben Faber, Ph.D., UCCE Farm Advisor (PDF Download, 994 KB)

Questions and comments always come up about the use of mulch in orchards. Mulch has its benefits and drawbacks and they need to recognized in order to manage it. It serves to combat erosion and root rot, but it can also burn. Mulch and wood piled up against tree trunks and near trunks can cause damage to those trunks. A Fillmore grower actually goes through the orchard with a blower to move mulch away from trunks when alerted to fire. On the other hand, irrigated orchards have been shown to be effective at suppressing fire encroaching on homes. And mulches can suppress weeds and reduce water use, but it’s possible that importing material for mulch can introduce weeds.

So where to read more about fire? Check out some of the blogs from the past.

Mulch and green waste applied to orchards

Mulch and Landscapes


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