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This list has been compiled by UCCE San Diego staff to provide resources, tools, and information on the topic of General Conservation and Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices. Updated September 8, 2022.

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program UCANR SAREP The UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program builds networks between researchers and practitioners to improve how we conduct academic research, provides relevant data and data analysis, creates tools for farmers and local food system practitioners to assess and strengthen their own agricultural and marketing practices, assesses existing programs to help them meet changing needs, and conducts original research on issues that cut across disciplines.
Farmworker Researchers & Advocates Database UCANR SAREP SAREP has prepared a database of researchers and advocates for farmworker health, rights, and other issues.
Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation Video Series UCANR This short video series orients the viewer to conservation agriculture and examines its use in a variety of production systems.
2020 Climate Change Consortium for Specialty Crops: English / Español Climate Science Alliance The 2020 Climate Change Consortium for Specialty Crops of Southern California Region gathered 40+ specialty crop representatives, including growers, agricultural associations, technical advisors, and researchers to discuss regionally-specific climate science and share opportunities, recommendations, and strategies for building on-the-ground resilience.
Crop Cost Studies UC Davis UC Davis has conducted in-depth cost and return studies for a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, field, tree and vine crops and animal commodities, studying production systems across the state.
Conservation Practice Cost Studies UC Davis UC Davis has compiled a list of studies estimating costs and potential benefits for conservation practices in production systems on the Central Coast. Each study describes a particular practice and provides a partial budget table estimating costs (costs per unit and reduced returns) and potential benefits (additional returns and reduced costs) for its installation, operation and maintenance.
San Diego County Food Vision 2030 (para español, haga clic en "español" a la derecha) San Diego Food Systems Alliance San Diego County Food Vision 2030 is a 10-year plan and movement administered by the San Diego Food Systems Alliance to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable, and more just food system throughout our region. Launching July 12, 2021.
Co-Management of Food Safety and Sustainability UC Food Safety Opportunities for co-management of food safety and sustainability goals can be found throughout the food supply chain. This page provides videos and resources to conduct co-management practices both in and adjacent to the production field, as well as in the production environment.
Sustainable Sourcing of Agricultural Raw Materials UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute The Agricultural Sustainability Institute and the Information Center for the Environment at UC Davis undertook an initiative to enhance the sustainability of agricultural raw materials sourcing across the supply chain. This goal was to assist food companies and other food system stakeholders by creating publicly-available and scientifically-validated information and tools to advance sustainability in agricultural sourcing decisions.
Directory of UC Programs in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems UCANR SAREP A catalog of the University of California's work in sustainable agriculture and food systems. The directory can be searched and sorted by activities and topic areas.
AgBiz Logic AgBiz Logic and Oregon State University AgBiz Logic gives you the ability to account for environmental impacts when analyzing farm business decisions, including profitability and crop leasing decisions, and a before/after metric on climate change effects.
COMET-Farm USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service This producer-focused tool, designed in collaboration with Colorado State University, is a whole-farm carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system.
CropScape USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape is a web-based interactive map to evaluate land cover for U.S. cropland, ranked by acreage and category of different crop type.
Food Environment Atlas USDA Economic Research Service Explore statistics on food environment indicators and health, and evaluate communities' ability and success to access healthy food.
VegScape Vegetation Condition Explorer USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Access daily, weekly, or bi-weekly maps of satellite imagery indicating the health of crops and natural vegetation.
Managing the Spread of Invasive Weeds USDA Agricultural Research Service This post summarizes recent scientific advancements in the field of invasive species spread limitation, funded by the Agricultural Research Service.
Forest Pathology and Entomology Program (para español, haga clic en "Translate" a la derecha) CAL FIRE Forest pests (insects and diseases) annually destroy 10 times the volume of timber lost due to forest fires. CAL FIRE's forest pest specialists help protect the state's forest resources from native and introduced pests, conduct surveys and provide technical assistance to private forest landowners, and promote forest health on all forest lands.
Conservation Concerns Tool USDA Farmers.gov Identify and get help with conservation issues that might impact the productivity or natural resources on your farm, ranch, or forest.