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LHD Evaluation

Welcome, Local Health Departments! This page will help you find information for each of the CalFresh Healthy Living evaluation projects coordinated by Nutrition Policy Institute.

General announcements:


Site-Level Assessment Questionnaires:

September 15, 2022: Learn Settings SLAQs Refresher Training recording and slides posted. View now on the SLAQ training page

September 1, 2022: Retail SLAQ interview question guides are now available in Chinese (traditional and simplified characters), Khmer, Spanish, English, Vietnamese. Translations are available in the Retail SLAQ final materials folder on SharePoint.


Adult Direct Education Evaluation

FFY 23 CalFresh Healthy Living Adult Survey Administration Refresher Training, September 20th, 2022

Slides and Recording posted on Adult DE Evaluaation training page


Evaluation Cross-Project Office Hours

December 15, 2022


Register in advance for this meeting: 



About the projects


Impact Outcome Evaluation (IOE)

For FFY 2022: California Local Health Departments receiving $400,000 or more in funding annually are required to complete impact or outcome evaluation of their CalFresh Healthy Living interventions.

For FFY 2023:

Tier 1 & 2 Local Health Departments (<400k):

Local Health Departments conducting any series-based direct education in school or afterschool with 4th grade or above, should choose at least ONE school site in which to evaluate your intervention via EATS.

Tier 3+ Local Health Departments (>400k):

Tier 3+ Local Health Departments are encouraged to extend intervention/evaluation in existing FFY 20-22 intervention sites. Reach out to Amanda to discuss alternatives if needed.

IOE Project Lead and Contact: Amanda Linares

IOE Project Website

Regular communication about the IOE project is sent via the IOE Newsletter. Please complete this form to subscribe. 

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Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS)

All of California's Local Health Departments use PEARS to complete annual reporting of their CalFresh Healthy Living interventions.

PEARS Project Lead: Carolyn Rider

PEARS Project Contact: NPI Evaluation Team

PEARS Project Website

Regular communication about the PEARS project is sent via a monthly newsletter. Please complete this form to subscribe.

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Site-Level Assessment Questionnaires (SLAQs)

California local health departments use SLAQs to complete an annual assessment of all school, early care and education, out-of-school, and retail sites where they are engaged in site-level PSE work.

SLAQ Project Lead: Janice Kao

SLAQ Project Contact: NPI Evaluation Team

SLAQ Project Website

Regular communication about the SLAQ project is sent via the Collaborative Tools listserv. Please contact the NPI Evaluation Team for access to this site.

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Adult Direct Education Evaluation

Starting in FFY 2022, California Local Health Departments are required to evaluate their CalFresh Healthy Living 4+ session adult direct education via pre- and post-test.

Adult Direct Education Project Lead and Contact: Amanda Linares

Adult Direct Education Evaluation Website

Regular communication about the Adult Direct Education Evaluation project is sent via the Adult Direct Ed Newsletter. Please complete this form to subscribe.

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Evaluation Cross-Project Office Hours

NPI offers office hours quarterly for Local Health Departments. These office hours are an opportunity for LHD staff and their partners to ask any evaluation questions related to: 

Evaluation Cross-Project Office Hours Lead: Kaela Plank

Evaluation Cross-Project Office Hours Contact: NPI Evaluation Team

Upcoming office hour information and Question and Answer guides can be found on the Evaluation Cross Project Office Hours Subpage.

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