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Assessment Questionnaires Project Overview


Assessment is an important part of planning and evaluating programs. To support California's local health departments with planning CalFresh Healthy Living programs, Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI) developed several types of assessment questionnaires. 


Site-Level Assessment Questionnaires (SLAQs) are designed to provide comprehensive annual site assessment data for nutrition and physical activity related program planning and evaluation in four settings: schools, out-of-school, early care and education, and retail. The Organizational Assessment Questionnaire (OAQ) covers school districts. Corresponding LHD Activity Checklists (LACs) provide information about CFHL interventions implemented in each district, school, out-of-school program, early care site, and store.


NPI also uses data from the SLAQs and OAQ to examine change over time, paired with information collected from the annual LACs, for program evaluation purposes. For a quick overview, please see our SLAQ One-Pager , OAQ One-Pager , and FAQs. For assistance with any of these assessments, please contact us at EvaluateSNAPEd@ucanr.edu.