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Sustainable Food Systems Panel Members

How the Panel helps

The SI Panels help


1. Create vision, 2. Identify themes & priorities, 3. Input to Strategic Plan, 4. Hold meetings, 5. Operate a think tank, 6. Help build capacity, 7. Input to staffing needs, and 8. Manage grants


1. Collate stories & highlights, 2. Develop materials (white papers, etc.), 3. Foster debate


1. Represent UC ANR and the SI, 2. Engage stakeholders and government, 3. Raise awareness, 4.Represent on Program Council

Initiative Leader

Photo of Neil McRoberts Neil McRoberts
Title: Associate Professor
Specialty: Plant Disease Epidemiology
Phone: (530) 752-3248
Email: nmcroberts@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Deanne Meyer Deanne Meyer
Title: CE Specialist
Specialty: Livestock waste management
Phone: (530) 752-9391
Email: dmeyer@ucdavis.edu


Panel Members

Photo of Theresa A. Becchetti Theresa A. Becchetti
Title: Farm Advisor
Specialty: Livestock and Natural Resources, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties
Phone: (209) 525-6800
Email: tabecchetti@ucanr.edu


Photo of Rob Bennaton Rob Bennaton
Title: County Director in Alameda/Contra Costa and Bay Area Urban Agriculture Advisor
Specialty: Small Scale Food Production and Soil Quality/Resource Management
Phone: 510-670-5621
Email: rbennaton@ucanr.edu


Photo of Dr Wei-ting Chen Dr Wei-ting Chen
Title: Nutrition Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor
Phone: 650-276-7429
Email: wtgchen@ucanr.edu


Cindy Fake
Title: County Director, Placer and Nevada Counties, Horticulture and Small Farms Advisor
Specialty: Commercial Horticultural Production
Phone: (530) 889-7385
Email: cefake@ucanr.edu


Photo of Christy M Getz Christy M Getz
Title: Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist
Specialty: Natural Resource-Dependent Workers and Communities
Phone: (510) 207-9424
Email: getz@berkeley.edu


Photo of Brooke Latack Brooke Latack
Title: Livestock Advisor
Phone: (442) 265-7700
Email: bclatack@ucanr.edu


Mark Lubell Ph.D
Title: Professor  Water Policy in the AES
Specialty: My research focuses on human behavior and the role of governance institutions in solving environmental collective action problems and facilitating cooperation. My current projects include watershed management, environmental activism, agricultural best management practices, and institutional change in local governments. I have done many grower surveys to understand participation in environmental programs and adoption of environmental practices.
Phone: (530) 752-5880
Email: mnlubell@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Alireza Pourreza , Ph.D. Alireza Pourreza , Ph.D.
Title: Assistant CE Specialist of Agricultural Mechanization
Specialty: Sensing Agricultural Automation Precision Agriculture Big Data
Phone: (530) 752-9290
Email: apourreza@ucdavis.edu


Photo of Tracy Schohr Tracy Schohr
Title: Livestock & Natural Resource Advisor
Phone: (530) 283-6262
Email: tkschohr@ucanr.edu


Photo of Jennifer Sowerwine Jennifer Sowerwine
Title: Assistant Specialist
Email: jsowerwi@berkeley.edu


Selina Wang
Title: Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Specialty: Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Email: scwang@ucdavis.edu


Contact Information

To learn more about this initiative, contact the Initiative Leader, Deanne Meyer or Neil McRoberts

For media inquiries, contact Pamela Kan-Rice.

Webmaster Email: mozbell@ucanr.edu