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Sustainable Food Systems Panel Members

How the Panel helps

The SI Panels help


1. Create vision, 2. Identify themes & priorities, 3. Input to Strategic Plan, 4. Hold meetings, 5. Operate a think tank, 6. Help build capacity, 7. Input to staffing needs, and 8. Manage grants


1. Collate stories & highlights, 2. Develop materials (white papers, etc.), 3. Foster debate


1. Represent UC ANR and the SI, 2. Engage stakeholders and government, 3. Raise awareness, 4.Represent on Program Council

Initiative Leader

Photo of Rachel A. Surls Ph.D.
Rachel A. Surls Ph.D.
Title: Sustainable Food Systems Advisor
Specialty: urban agriculture, urban gardening, food systems
Phone: 626-586-1982
Email: ramabie@ucdavis.edu

Panel Members

Photo of Dr Whitney Brim-DeForest
Dr Whitney Brim-DeForest
Title: County Director, Sutter and Yuba Counties and CE Rice and Wild Rice Advisor
Specialty: Rice, Weeds
Phone: 530-822-7515
Email: wbrimdeforest@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Roselle C Busch
Dr Roselle C Busch
Title: Sheep and Goat Veterinary Medicine Extension Specialist
Specialty: Sheep and Goat Herd Health and Production
Phone: (530)754-1975
Email: rcbusch@ucdavis.edu
Photo of Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark
Title: Agronomy Advisor
Specialty: Agronomic Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management
Phone: 559-852-2788
Email: neclark@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Monica Cooper
Dr Monica Cooper
Title: Farm Advisor-Viticulture
Specialty: Viticulture and Pest Management
Phone: (707) 253-4221
Email: mlycooper@ucanr.edu
Photo of Dr Ashraf El Kereamy
Dr Ashraf El Kereamy
Title: Director of Lindcove REC and Assistant CE Specialist
Specialty: Specialist in Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at UC Riverside, focused on citrus and grape
Phone: 559-592-2408 Ext 1154
Email: ashrafe@ucr.edu
Photo of Danielle L. Lee
Danielle L. Lee
Title: Policy Analyst
Phone: 510-987-0735
Email: dnilee@ucanr.edu
Photo of Margaret Gullette Lloyd
Margaret Gullette Lloyd
Title: Small Farms Advisor
Specialty: Organic
Phone: 530-564-8642
Email: mglloyd@ucanr.edu
Photo of Sonia Rios
Sonia Rios
Title: Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor
Phone: 951-683-6491 ext. 224
Email: sirios@ucanr.edu
Photo of Sam Houston Wilson Ph.D.
Sam Houston Wilson Ph.D.
Title: Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist
Specialty: Orchard/vineyard IPM, insect ecology, organic agriculture, agroecology
Phone: 559-646-6519
Email: samhw@ucr.edu