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Water Quality, Quantity and Security

Our Strategic Initiatives (SI) help unify, communicate and advocate for the work we do.

Initiative Themes

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Water is the life blood of California's economy and the underpinning of its diverse ecosystems. As such, water supply and quality are critical issues facing the state's agricultural, urban, and environmental settings now and in the foreseeable future. Accordingly, the initiative works in the key areas of:

  • Safe & secure drinking water

  • Safe & secure surface water

  • Safe & sustainable groundwater

  • Holistic water management 
Public Value: The Water SI helps protect and enhance natural resources, prepare for extreme drought and flood conditions, ensure safe food and clean drinking water, and strengthen the states’ workforce and economy.

Grand Challenges

The Water SI supports a broad spectrum of expertise and uses a systems approach to identify and address emerging issues including:

  • Conservation and enhancement strategies to bolster water resources and meet increasing agricultural, urban, and ecosystem water demands

  • Sustainable farm, urban, and natural resource management practices to protect soil and water quality from salinity, sediment, pathogens, excess nutrients, trace elements, and other contaminants

  • Quantifying the impacts of climate change on California’s precious water resources and consequent impacts on agriculture, urban, and ecosystems, while seeking ways to make these sectors more resilient to climate related risks
Download the Water Quality, Quantity and Security Strategic Plan (Updated April 2016) >>


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