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Agritourism Intensive

About the Program

The UC Agritourism Program's Agritourism Intensive training provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to agritourism and a supportive network to explore diversification through the development or expansion of an agritourism enterprise.

The training highlights the benefits as well as the risks of offering agritourism combining presentations by experienced agritourism operators and experts in business planning, risk management, hospitality and marketing with hands-on interactive activities and homework assignments to guide participants as they assess their own farms or ranches for agritourism potential and start their own business, risk management and marketing plans. The goal of the program is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding to make informed decisions about how to strengthen the resiliency and viability of their businesses. 

Current Agritourism Intensive Training

2024 Agritourism Intensive Hybrid Training:  New hybrid format!  The upcoming training, coming in Winter 2024, will consist of 6 2-hour zoom sessions and 1 regional in-person gathering/networking event.    CLICK HERE to learn more.   

Past Agritourism Intensive Trainings