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About the UC SAREP Agritourism Program

The UC SAREP Agritourism Program provides resources, information, and trainings for those involved in California agritourism, and beyond, as well as promotes California agritourism opportunities to the general public. Below is a description of our services and activities.

Our Work for Those Involved in Agritourism:

  • California Agritouism website: A comprehensive hub of resources and information for agritourism operators, regulators, and those who support agritourism operators such as the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and  non-profit organizations.  We also manage a partner Facebook page called AgTour Connections.
  • California Agritourism News e-newsletter: This e-mail newsletter is a chance for growers, agritourism operators, county staff, tourism professionals and everyone else involved in California agritourism to keep up with the latest information. 
  • Trainings, Workshops, and Regional Projects:  The Agritourism Program frequently facilitates in-person or webinar trainings and workshops on topics related to operating a successful agritourism enterprise, such as marketing and business planning, best practices, and peer-to-peer learning.  We also work in specific regions interested in developing their agritourism offerings.  Finally, we periodically convene stakeholders from across the state for networking and information sharing related to agritourism in California.
  • Research:  We collect, analyze, and share data related to agritourism operations, including the current state of agritourism, trends over time, challenges, and opportunities.  

Our Work for the Public:


To learn more at the UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, sustainable agriculture, and past and current projects, please visit the UC SAREP website