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Planning and regulating agritourism - historical documents

  • Calaveras County specifies that the "definition of agricultural operation shall be broadly construed."
    • Excerpt: Pages 9-10 of the draft Agriculture and Forestry Element for Calavaras County’s general plan, updated May 20, 2009
    • Entire document
  • El Dorado County allows ranch marketing, winery, and visitor-serving uses on agricultural parcels, specifies conditions and percent of acreage allowed for these uses.
    • Excerpt: Pages 8-10 of El Dorado County General Plan Agriculture and Forestry Element, adopted March 12, 2009
    • Entire document
  • Mariposa County Board of Supervisors organized the Mariposa Agricultural Nature Tourism Advisory Committee in 2009 "to develop the definitions, thresholds, standards and regulations for an agriculture tourism ordinance forMariposa County."
    • Resolution establishing committee includes notes from Board of Supervisors meeting discussion about need for the committee, composition of the committee, goals and timeframe of committee, authorization to hire consultant to coordinate the committee.
    • Meeting notes from the committee spanning six meetings, March–May 2009, with discussions about road maintenance, traffic, water use, spread of diseases and invasive plants by tourists, compatibility of agritourism uses, the need for agritourism to maintain ranch sustainability, scalability of permitted uses based on size of parcel, what products should be allowed sold from a roadside stand or from a winery, deciding on permitted agritourism uses and defining levels of permits needed for each, etc.
    • Committee website
    • Zoning amendment proposed by the committee defines as permitted uses in agriculture zoning: seasonal and permanent on-site sales, tasting rooms, u-pick operations, agricultural home-stays, special events and other agritourism activities, but clearly defines the size and number of these activities that are permitted, those that require an administrative use permit, and those that require a conditional use permit. The proposed amendment defines the percent of land permitted to be used for the agritourism operation and defines "glamping."
  • Guidelines for Placer County Farm Stays
    Three-page guide, updated in 2009, includes zoning information, along with what issues may need to be addressed with which departments.