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Spanish translation cost and process


UC ANR authors must have recharge funds for two of the steps in creating a Spanish translation of peer-reviewed materials. If they do not have resources, authors can apply for assistance from UC ANR leadership. 

There is no charge for the initial evaluation of your English text (Step 1). However, UC ANR authors are responsible for any adaptation/editing time (Step 2), recharged at an hourly rate, and the cost of the external translation (Step 3). The process includes two opportunities for you to decide whether to continue to pursue the translation.

We recommend that authors plan ahead for a translation; if you know you’ll want a peer-reviewed publication to be translated into Spanish, contact Linda Forbes, Interim Director of Publishing, to request an estimate that you can include in a grant or budget request.

Alternatively, as part of UC ANR's efforts to reach California's Spanish-speaking audience with relevant and useful research, you can request financial support for translation from senior leadership if you do not have a grant or other funds. You justify the programmatic need for the translation and support from your program on the Spanish Translation Request survey. Your answers will be provided to Interim AVP Deanne Meyer, along with the ANR Spanish-language Associate Editor’s input on the need for the translation and an estimate of translation costs. Deanne will determine whether or not to fund the translation based on all of this information.


Step 1. Assessing material before translation

Fill out the Spanish Translation Request survey, submit it, and email the material that you wish translated to Interim Director of Publishing Linda Forbes.

She and the ANR Spanish-language Associate Editor will evaluate the material. If they determine that the material needs adaptation before translation, the AE communicates with you about what changes are needed, how much time it will take to do them and what this would cost. You can decide at this time whether to pursue this project. 

Step 2. Editing/rewriting (if needed)
With the AE’s guidance, an editor addresses any needed adaptation/editing and then sends it to you for your approval.

Step 3. Translating the material
The final English text is sent to one of our external translating services for an estimate, and you will be sent their estimate and timeline. (Translation cost is based on manuscript complexity and page count, so that estimate must be made after the text is adapted.) Again, you can decide at this time whether to pursue this project.

If you do, the translator—accompanied by our UC ANR Spanish style guide of common terminology and technical terms—translates your material.

Your account is recharged for the translation. If the English material was a UC ANR peer-reviewed publication, Publishing then produces and publishes the new Spanish version, at no cost.

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