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Entertainment Expense Form (Rev date March-2018. Form must accompany entertainment expenses paid in KFS, not used for AggieTravel entertainment transactions).
Approval Request for Additional/Exceptional Entertainment Expense
Declaration of Lost Evidence


Entertainment is defined as occasions when the judicious extension of hospitality, such as the provision of meals or light refreshments directly related to the active conduct of official University business, is in the best interest of the University.


  • Allowable expenses and activities: 
    • Administrative meeting directly concerned with the welfare of the University. 
    • Prospective appointee to a professional, administrative, or technical position. 
    • Official guest rendering service to the University. 
    • Faculty/Staff/Student meeting. 
    • University acts as the host or sponsor of a professional meeting or Cooperative Extension workshop.
  • Entertainment expenses may be paid using a UCD Travel Card.
  • Maximum Entertainment Reimbursement Rates (amounts include food, beverage, tax, service, tips, and delivery charges):
    • Breakfast: $31.00 per person 
    • Lunch: $54.00 per person 
    • Dinner: $94.00 per person 
    • Light Refreshments: $22.00 per person


  • Complete the UC Entertainment Check Request Form and indicate whether payment should be made: 
    • directly to the vendor; 
    • as reimbursement to the payor; 
    • directly to the UCD Corporate Visa Card. (UCD will directly reimburse your VISA Corporate Card account for the approved entertainment expense.)
  • Attach the list of participants with their titles and affiliations.
  • Attach the original paid receipt or vendor invoice. Invoices for expenses exceeding $75 must be fully itemized.
  • The host's and the County Director's signatures are required.
  • Forward documents to the Regional Office for Regional Director's signature.


  • Exceptions to the entertainment policy, such as those that exceed the established maximum rates, or entertainment costs associated with employee recognition functions, must be approved as an "exception" by the Regional Director.
  • While on University travel status, do not buy meals for others unless it is a bona fide entertainment activity. Travel policy requires that each traveler's expenses be reported individually.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased on State or Federal funds.  Many fund sources (most contracts and grants, for example) do not allow entertainment expenses.  Verify that entertainment is allowed on your proposed fund source prior to the scheduled event.  If you have any questions about your funds and the payment of entertainment expenses, please contact your Regional Office.
  • For administrative meetings to include lunch, they should take place over an extended period of time and the agenda should include a working meal to satisfy the requirement that the meal is part of a business function. Reimbursement will not be allowed when two or more employees from the same work location choose to go to lunch together to continue their business as an incidental part of the meal, or when the meeting could have been scheduled during regular work hours.


UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 330-80 Entertainment:

Exhibit A: Rates for Entertainment -

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