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UC ANR Committees

Question If I am staff, a County Advisor or campus specialist who would I look to to hear news on Direction, Administraton (Policy) or programming?

Vision and Direction




Primary contact

President’s Advisory Commission

Provide support on UC ANR to the President of UC

UCOP President + invited representatives + Senior Leadership

Glenda Humiston

Core Leadership Group

UC ANR coordination (weekly)


Glenda Humiston

Dean's Council

UC ANR- Campus connections (Quarterly)

Deans, VP, AVP

Glenda Humiston

Program Council

Updates, Set Policy and Direction (Monthly)

Senior leadership, Assoc Deans, SI leaders, Members at large

Wendy Powers

Senior Leadership Team

Updates, issue resolution (Quarterly)

VP, AVP, VPr, Select Admin leaders

Glenda Humiston

VP Council

Updates, identify issues, provide input and be a sounding board (Quarterly)

Statewide Programs and Unit Directors

Glenda Humiston

UCCE County Directors (R&E Council)

Updates, Projects, Issues, Training, Admin (Calls Monthly – Meetings quarterly)

County Directors (subset)

Mark Lagrimini

REC Directors

Updates, identify issues, provide input and be a sounding board (calls monthly meets quarterly

REC Directors

Wendy Powers

Strategic Initiatives (SI)

Build the umbrella – Unify, Advocate and Communicate (Quarterly with PC)

SI Leaders + panels + all doing relevant work

Mark Bell

(Second St.) staff meeting

Updates, build sense of belonging (Davis) (expand by zoom to others?) (Monthly)

All staff

Mark Bell + Staff Assembly

County offices

Updates, build sense of belonging (Davis) (expand by zoom to others?) (Monthly)

All county personnel

County Director






Primary contact

Academic Assembly

Represents Academics on UC Academic Assembly Council

UC ANR Rep with other academic reps

Chris Greer

Merits and Promotions

Evaluates Academic Reviews annually(?)

Committee members

John Fox?

Second St Operations Committee

Meets monthly

 Committee members  

Staff Assembly

Build staff connections with and across UC ANR

With Staff Ambassadors, represent staff needs

Matt Bauer, LeChe McGill, Christina Adamson

Ethics Compliance and Risk Committee

Quarterly in Oakland

Jake + ….

Jake McGuire

Strategic Communications

Communications (PR) planning

Strat Com group

Mike Janes

4-H Foundation Board

Funding strategy

Board members and Development services rep.

Lorna Krkich





Primary contact

Strategic Initiative (SI)

The research- extension umbrella – to Unify, Advocate and Communicate what we do (Quarterly with PC)

SI Leaders + Panel members + all doing relevant work

Mark Bell

Program Teams/ Workgroups

Lead by individuals

Open to all doing relevant work

Wendy Powers/ Mark Bell

Statewide Programs

Each program has its own meetings; They also meet cross program based on thematic interest - e.g., on-line learning, web, etc.

SWP members


Communications Advisory Board (CAB)

Provide input for educational communications (California Ag, publications, etc.)


David Lewis


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