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Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) is responsible for ensuring that the University complies with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and harassment.

The responsibilities of the ODI include preparing and monitoring the University's Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with federal and state laws, providing training and workshops on equal opportunity, nondiscrimination and sexual harassment, monitoring the employment process to ensure compliance with employment laws and hiring procedures, and investigating and resolving discrimination and harassment complaints.  

For More Information Contact:

John Fox
Executive Director, HR & ADA Coordinator
Interim AA Compliance & Title IX Officer
phone: (530) 750-1343

David White
Affirmative Action Analyst, Title IX Investigator
phone: (530) 750-1286


Office of Diversity & Inclusion
UC ANR Building
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618
Phone: (530) 750-1286
Fax:  (530) 752-7785

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