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2023-24 Call for Cooperative Extension Positions

The 2023-24 Call for Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Positions was announced on September 19, 2023 in the ANR Update blog. The call will identify 20 UCCE Advisor and 10 UCCE Specialist positions to be released by June 2024. UC ANR doesn’t just refill past positions, instead identifies priority positions to address the most pressing needs, including California’s emerging and future needs.

Rebuilding the UCCE footprint continues to be a priority for UC ANR to provide the expertise needed to improve the lives of all Californians consistently and significantly. The historic 2021-22 state budget increase allowed UC ANR to release over 100 UCCE academic positions to date. UC ANR also continues to pursue non-traditionally funded positions as a complementary strategy to grow the programmatic footprint. There are UC ANR resources on: how to develop co-funded positions and shared benefits of funding partnerships.


NEW Process: Link to the 2023-24 Call for Positions process flowchart with more details

Phases and deadlines at a glance - updated timeline

  1. Identifying priority positions/connecting interested groups – until Jan. 19, 2024
  2. Proposal co-creation and submission – by March 15, 2024
  3. Program Council reviews and develops recommendations – April 2024
  4. UC ANR Vice President releases positions – May/June 2024


Important Resources


Submittal groups are expected to work collaboratively across the UC ANR network and seek external stakeholder input. See list below.

For CE Advisor Positions:

For CE Specialist Positions:


How to submit proposals:

  • County Directors and REC Directors: Use the Universal Review System (URS) accessed from the ANR Portal.
  • UC Campus Provosts or Chancellors: Email proposals directly to UC ANR Associate Vice President of Research and Cooperative Extension, Brent Hales at For any questions, please contact Brent. For more information regarding how appointments will be handled between UC ANR and UC campuses other than UCB, UCD, and UCR, there is a Memorandum of Understandingand the APM guidelines. The proposals will be added to URS by UC ANR so they appear on this web page.


UCCE Programmatic Footprint Maps: Link to maps. These maps illustrate current positions for UCCE Advisors, UCCE Specialists, other UCCE Academics, and Community Educators, as well as the UCCE Advisor and Specialist positions under-recruitment.

In November, secondary data layers were made available to provide county level data with relevant information that, when coupled with local knowledge, can help illuminate gaps/needs to inform UCCE position proposal development and future hiring.

Recording to maps overview and demo (30 minutes)


For overall process questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at or (510) 987-0029.

For questions about using the Universal Review System (URS), contact Chris Hanson at


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