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Program Planning and Evaluation

The Program Planning and Evaluation (PPE) unit coordinates statewide program planning, accountability and reporting on behalf of the Associate Vice President for Agriculture Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension programs.


PPE Functions

  1. Provides analytical expertise and support for UC ANR program planning activities
  2. Leads UC ANR organizational program accountability and reporting activities
  3. Serves as a liaison to UC ANR’s federal partner USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture
  4. Develops and delivers evaluation capacity building training for UC ANR academics and program staff
  5. Provides program development expertise and strategic coordination for ad hoc activities


PPE activities include: documenting UC ANR program impacts; coordinating strategic planning activities; supporting the Program Council, the Vice President's Council, and other special committees/groups; leading the statewide program/ institute reviews; and managing UC ANR program reporting systems. PPE provides process oversight for the Call for Cooperative Extension Positions. PPE also provides leadership in compliance with federal program reporting requirements, including preparation and submission of the UC ANR Federal Plan of Work and Annual Report.


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Program Planning and Evaluation
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Office of Program Planning and Evaluation Staff

Photo of Katherine Webb-Martinez MPA Katherine Webb-Martinez MPA
Title: Director
Phone: (510) 987-0029


Photo of Kit Alviz Kit Alviz
Title: Program Policy Analyst 4
Phone: 510-987-0027


Photo of Christina Becker (she/her) Christina Becker (she/her)
Title: Program Policy Analyst 4
Phone: 510-987-0183


Photo of Christopher M Hanson Christopher M Hanson
Title: Programmer Analyst 3
Phone: (510) 987-0628


Patricia Harrigan
Title: Administrative Officer
Phone: (510) 987-0067

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