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Drought ‘refuges’ protect young coho salmon from summer heat
Reposted from the UC Berkeley News   A seven-year project tracking young coho salmon in the Russian River watershed found that some habitats support the young fish even in the midst of extended drought. (California Sea Grant...

Reducing wildfire risk includes building communities to coexist with fire
Reposted from the UCANR news   The Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise and other wildfires that have devastated communities in recent years have convinced wildfire experts that Californians need to take more than one approach...

Attention to oak woodland conservation does not wane amid COVID-19 crisis
Reposted from the UCANR News California oak woodlands are highly prized ecoregions where stately trees, many of them hundreds of years old, are cornerstones of a habitat for wildlife and native plants. Sadly, some of these ecosystems are seriously...

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