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  • Little Fires: Landowners Learn to Burn

    Reposted from UC Davis News Rebecca Wayman, a UC Davis associate specialist of forestry, participates in the prescribed burn. (Tim McConville/UC Davis) Empowering Property Owners to Conduct Prescribed Burns Smoke billows over the forest...

    By Kat Kerlin
  • How the Indigenous practice of 'good fire' can help our forests thrive

    Reposted from the University of California news Once outlawed, cultural burns can save our forests from uncontrollable wildfire In the past several years, California has endured the most extreme fires in its recorded history. 2018's Camp...

    By Robyn Schelenz
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    Forest Management Handbook for Small Parcel Landowners

    Forests in the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade Range are being stressed by many factors that put them at risk. High-severity wildfire, drought stress, insect outbreaks, disease, and a backdrop of changing climate are a few. A significant portion of...

    By Kim Ingram
    Author - Forest Stewardship Education Coordinator