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  • Just what is a ‘resilient’ forest, anyway?

    Reposted from UC ANR news   Study finds resilient, frequent-fire forests have far fewer trees What does a “resilient” forest look like in California's Sierra Nevada? A lot fewer trees than we're used to, according to a...

    By Kat Kerlin
  • riparian area with fuels treatment
    Fuels Management in Creeks and Streambeds

    There is increasing concern about fire hazard from fuels accumulation in riparian areas and what forest landowners can do to manage these areas. Riparian vegetation and forests have ecological importance in terms of water quality and quantity, and...

    By Kim Ingram
    Author - Forest Stewardship Education Coordinator
  • Study shows climate-driven forest fires on the rise

    Reposted from UC Merced News Credit: CalFire Firefighters in the 2021 Monument Fire in Shasta-Trinity National Forest An upside of the increase in forest fires in the West is that they reduce the amount of fuel available for other burns....

    By Lorena Anderson