About the Fire Network

No matter where you are in California, you are likely affected by fire. Maybe you’re in an urban area experiencing smoke from distant wildfires, or maybe you’re a landowner who’s interested in using prescribed fire to maintain your property. You might be retrofitting your home to be more resilient to wildfire or rebuilding your home and community after a fire-related loss. Perhaps you are a policymaker looking to connect with local communities, or an Indigenous Californian working to revitalize your tribe’s cultural practices. Whoever you are, the UCANR Fire Network is here to help!  

The UCANR Fire Network is a statewide team with expertise across a wide range of disciplines, including fire science and ecology, prescribed fire, home hardening and defensible space, community and regional planning, grazing and fire interactions, and much more. The Network includes specialists on UC campuses, advisors and staff in local communities, and broad networks of partners and volunteers. The goal of the Fire Network is to inspire and empower Californians, connecting them to the research, training, and tools they need to live with fire in California.  

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