Network Members in the News

Many of our Fire Network members are regularly featured in news articles, podcasts, and other media discussing a variety of topics ranging from prescribed fire, wildfire preparedness, fire insurance, fire workforce development, and more. Updated monthly, we aim to highlight some of the most recent news from our team. 

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The transition to fall does not always mean the end of fire season in California. Fire Advisor, Luca Carmignani, spoke with the LA Times about current wildfires in Riverside County and how the Santa Ana Winds can influence fire behavior. 
Disasters like wildfires can be devastating and frightening. They can displace families, drive financial loss, and destroy communities. Forestry Advisor, Yana Valachovic, sits down with the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety to explore fire interactions in the built environment and share her work educating communities across California and the Western U.S. about wildfire risks on the Disaster Discussions Podcast
Fire Advisor, Luca Carmignani, spoke with USA Today about the fundamentals of fire science and how wildfires start. Specifically, the many ways artificial ignitions can quickly lead to the spread of wildfires in populated areas if conditions align. 


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