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Forest Stewardship & Forest Ecology

Introduction to Forest Stewardship  Susan Kocher, UCCE

Success in forest improvement projects Fred Euphrat, RPF

A Crash Course on Forest Inventory Mike Jones, UCCE

Introduction to Mapping   Mike Jones, UCCE

Forest Management (planning and cost-share programs)

Forest Management Plans Jason Wells, Sonoma RCD

Forest Management Plans_Assistance in Planning for the Future   Mary Mayeda, Mendocino RCD

EQIP & NRCS   Jeff Kelly, Forester, NRCS

NRCS and EQIP Melinda Graves, Shasta NRCS

CFIP: Key concepts for landowners   Zsolt Katay, Cal Fire

Landowner Resources

Ukiah RCD Forestry Programs   Mary Mayeda, Mendocino RCD

Napa County RCD   Amanda Benton, Napa RCD

American Tree Farms   Fred Euphrat, RPF

Fire Forward   Jared Childress, Prescribed Fire Specialist, Audubon Canyon Ranch

Workshop materials

Biomass and Wood Products

Economic Contributions of California's Forestry and Forest Products Sectors This analysis provides an estimate of the direct economic benefits of current forest management activities and related forest-products manufacturing in a wide range of sectors of the California economy.

Forestry, Forest Industry, and Forest Products Consumption in California

Wood Products Primary Processing & Biomass Energy Facilities

Woody Biomass Utilization: An online resource, the Woody Biomass Utilization Group at UC Berkeley is a collaborative effort working to advance the understanding and use of wood and woody biomass.

Forest Ecology 

Adapting Forests to Climate Change Forest Stewardship Series #25

Fire severity impacts on plant species richness_Research brief  

Forest Restoration and Fuels Reduction_Convergent or Divergent_CFSC brief  

Healthy Forest_Coastal Redwood and Healthy Forest_Ponderosa Pine : Published by the USDA California Climate Hub, these briefs describe the coastal redwood and Ponderosa pine ecosystems, and what needs to occur to keep their ecosystems healthy and intact. 

Impacts of Repeated Prescribed Burns on Fuel and Forest Conditions in the Sierra Nevada_Research Brief  

Reforestation Practices for Conifers in California  

Regenerating a Forest

Shrubs of the Southern Cascades

Sierra Nevada Vegetation Zones

Snag Retention Information

Tree ID: Detailed information about the following California conifer species:Douglas Fir, Lodgepole pine, Coast Redwood, Ponderosa pine and Giant Sequoia.

What to plant after tree loss

Why Does the Forest Look Like This – Basic Ecology

   -- Soils --

Soil Profile

Why is My Forest the Way it Is - Site Quality

Why Is My Forest the Way It Is - Soil Erosion

Forestry Tools

A go-to guide for mastication questions

Avenza Maps Field Guide

Building a Biltmore Stick

Building a clinometer from items you have at home

California Standardized Prescribed Fire Plan DRAFT  

Forest Inventory Template

Forest Inventory Tools

Hand tools for vegetation management

Homemade basal area tools  

Is Mastication Right for Your Site  

Prescribed Burning in Young Stands :This synthesis draws recommendations from four studies that are relevant to prescribed burning as a fuels reduction method in young stands. Most studies also looked at potential effects of mastication as a fuels treatment in comparison to prescribed burning.

Rx Fire Go_No_Go Checklist  

Tools for Measuring Your Forest

Virtual Cruiser Vest File: Information on mapping, plot sampling, measuring trees, etc.


Burned Oaks: Which Ones Will Survive?  Provides information on how to assess fire damage to burned oak trees, and provides guidance on determining whether trees should be cut down or saved.

Hardwood Trees of the Southern Cascades

Healthy Forest_Blue Oak Woodland : Published by the USDA California Climate Hub, this brief describes the blue oak woodland ecosystem, and what needs to occur to keep blue oaks healthy and intact. 

Living Among The Oaks :Learn how to keep your oak trees healthy so they can benefit generations to come.

Protecting Trees from Sudden Oak Death before Infection

Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California :Provides information on regenerating rangeland oaks including propagation and planting information.


Assessing the Conditions of Your Roads

Road Types  

Rural Roads: A Construction and Maintenance Guide for California Landowners: Designed to help rural landowners understand how to plan for, improve and maintain rural roads.

Management Planning, Financial Resources and Regulations

Allocation of purchase price worksheet example  

Burn permits need to facilitate not prevent good fire in California  

CA Cooperative Forest Management Plan Template

CA Cooperative Forest Management Plan Example  

Cal Fire 2021 Pocket Guide for Permitting (new)

Cal Fire: Is a harvest document required? video

CFIP quick facts


Dead Tree Removal & Fuel Reduction ExemptionTable

EQIP FY20 Forestland Ranking Pool   Includes NRCS/EQIP Practice Codes

EQIP: Getting Started  

EQIP Quick Facts  

Financial Aspects to Owning Forestland Handout  

Forest Management Plans for Private Forest Landowners: Why you need one!

Grant Sources Please note that this is an old list. However, many of the funding sources have continued to provide funding for forest management activities. Please visit their websites for current deadlines and new funding opportunities.

My Sierra Woods Overiew MSW will leverage surrounding wood products infrastructure (mills and biomass plants) to help landowners overcome the high cost of fuels reduction by providing them with support to act on their land at little or no cost to them. Available in 9 counties in Northern California:
Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Yuba, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Nevada, and Placer.

Natural Resource Professionals Initial Site Visit Information

NRCS Newsletter- Benefits of Conservation Planning, Landowner Profiles

Prescribed Fire Liability in California 2020  

Registered Professional Forester_CFIP List

Small-Parcel Landowner's Guide to Woodland Management

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners  

Who can help? Forest Stewardship Series 24 Professional Assistance


How to Manage Vegetation to Encourage or Protect Wildlife

Spatial response of American black bears

Wildlife Among the Oaks: A Management Guide for Landowners: Designed to provide information and assistance as you make management decisions that affect wildlife in oak woodlands.


Consequences of an Endless Summer_Untangling the Link Between Summer Precipitation and Western Wildfires  

Is that tree dead? Quantifying fire-killed trees to inform salavge and forest management

Mass Tree Mortality, Fuels and Fire_A Guide for Sierra Nevada Forest Landowners  

Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California's Forest Landowners

Snag longevity in relation to wildfire salvage logging