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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Houseplants bring nature into our homes, adds to the home's decor and brings a sense of well being.  There are studies which indicates they help to clean the air as well.  

To be successful with happy houseplants we must provide the care that they need to thrive.  By providing the correct lighting, water, nutrients, humidity, air circulation and other cultural care we can avoid most pests and diseases.

When selecting plants to place in your home, the first consideration is the amount of available light for the location you wish to place the plant.  Selecting the "right plant for the right place" is true for both indoor plants as well as landscape plants outdoors. 

The following guides will help in selecting and caring for your plants.

University of Georgia Extension - Growing Indoor Plants with Success

Pen State Extension -Preventing Diagnosing and Correcting Common Houseplant Problems

Clemson Extension - Common Houseplant Insects & Related Pests

UCCE Master Gardener Virtual Class - Success with Houseplants

Poisonous Plants

IPM- Integrative Pest Management

The California Garden Web

Costa Farms -This is a major commercial houseplant grower.  Their website provides a  database with  a wealth of information for individual varieties of plants.