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Preschool Nutrition News

Preschool Nutrition News

A quarterly newsletter to help preschool teachers and administrators be aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their students. (English only)

Issue Articles
Spring 2019 (1,164KB)

Limiting Screen Time; Screen Free Activities; Why Do We Need to Limit Screen Time?; Program Opportunities

Winter 2019 (1,153KB)

Preschool Physical Activity; UC CalFresh CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Childhood Health); ECE CATCH Activities for Indoors - Go Fish and Teacher, May, I?; Program Opportunities

Fall 2018 (1,206KB)

Try New Familiar Foods; Nutrition Activity - Apple Oatmeal Cookies; Physical Activity - Pumpkin Seed Balance; Apple Coloring Page; Program Opportunities

Spring 2018 (1,165KB)

Limiting Screen Time; Screen Free Activities; Why Do We Need to Limit Screen Time?; Program Opportunities

Winter 2018 (1,049KB)

Healthy Preschool Teeth; Activity - Apple Decay; Recipe - Yogurt Granola Crunch; Food for Healthy Teeth; Program Opportunities

Fall 2017 (2,297KB)

Food Safety Tips for Preschoolers; Food Safety Concerns for Children Under Five; Food Safety fo Children Under 5 Handout; Program Opportunities

Spring 2017 (1,562KB)

Gardening with Young Children; Gardening Activity - Grow a Dirt Baby; Recipe - Fresh Spring Salad; Program Opportunities

Winter 2017 (1,599KB)

How Cooking Can Help Preschoolers; Nutrition Activity - Yogurt Fruit Dip; Physical Activity - Indoor Winter Activities; Tips for Cooking with Preschool Children; Program Opportunities

Fall 2016 (1,316KB)

Dietary Guidelines 2015; Nutrition Activity - Applesauce; Physical Activity - Pumpkin Seed Balance; How Much Added Sugar Do You Eat?; Program Opportunities

Spring 2016 (780KB)

Preschool Physical Activity; Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH); Adapted CATCH Activity - MyPlate Food Hunt; Preschool Physical Activity Recommendations;  Program Opportunities

Winter 2016 (236KB)

Let's Try New Foods Together!; Tips for Trying New Foods; Use New Words; Clip This! Tasting Activity - I Tried It!; Program Opportunities


Fall 2015 (1,111KB)

Kickstarting a New School Year; Cooking Activity - Food Art; September is National Food Safety Month; Fruit or Fruit Juice?; Program Opportunities

Spring 2015 (478KB)

Step into Spring; Nutrition Activity - Green House Green Beans; What to Plant in the Spring; Food Safety for Garden Grown Food; Program Opportunities

Winter 2015 (355KB)

Play with Your Food; Physical Activity - Food Scavenger Hunt; Physical Activity - Fun with Food; Seasonal Winter Produce; Self-Regulation and Food Rules for Toddlers; Program Opportunities

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