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History of the MG Program dates back to 1981. Today, there are 6,154 Master Gardeners statewide who have contributed a total of 446,237 volunteer hour and 93,088 continuing education hours.

The programs and outreach efforts are as varied as the skills and interests of MG volunteers. Here are a few examples of what MGs are up to around the state -


We have 105 Master Gardener volunteers in San Luis Obispo County who contributed 4,150 volunteer hours and 785 hours of continuing education during the 2018/2019 program year.

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge and unique experiences to our program. We have retired teachers, attorneys, accountants, nurses and school administrators; working individuals with school-aged kids; grandparents, military veterans, and landscape designers. We have a few from law enforcement, some with agriculture backgrounds and from the nursery industry, and a few running their own small businesses.

UC Master Gardeners are lifelong learners who provide a valuable service to residents of San Luis Obispo County. Learn more about what we do.

Find out how to become a UC Master Gardener.