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Community Projects


GleanSLO is a non-profit program of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County.  GleanSLO harvests donated fruits and vegetables for the Food Bank Coalition, whose mission is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a healthier community.

A sizeable portion of the 70+ varieties of fruits and vegetables that are grown in the SLO Master Garderer's Demonstration Garden is donated to our local community through our partnership with GleanSLO. 

The GleanSLO crew are on their way to surpassing 2019’s banner year for contributions to the Food Bank. On Tuesday, Linda, Jacqueline, Erika, Nell, and Aliza harvested a total of 97 pounds of produce – five pounds of lettuce, 5 pounds of chard, and the remaining balance comprised of various citrus.