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Centennial Park Project

San Luis Obispo Master Gardeners have partnered with the City of Paso Robles to adopt the garden at Centennial Park in Paso Robles.

Our goals for this garden focus on holding relevant workshops to address the unique gardening challenges in North County. We'll also develop a productive vegetable bed to teach and learn from, and we'll donate the produce to a community food pantry.


Cleanup of the garden has begun. We’ll remove a few plants to improve sun exposure for the vegetable bed and to provide adequate space for the larger trees and bushes. Soon after, we'll graft a couple of the fruit trees with hopes of improving productivity. We will also rework the irrigation system to improve efficiency. A new fence was donated by an anonymous donor and has been installed.

We are thankful to Common Ground Worldwide of San Miguel for their work and dedication in managing this garden for the past 5 years. We are excited to pick up where they left off and we're looking forward to exploring new opportunities in North County.

Stay tuned for updates.


Master Gardeners were hard at work moving 516 border stones for the new demonstration garden at Centennial Park. Great work! A huge thank you to Air Vol Block for their generous donation.



We extend an enormous thank you to our community partner, Air-Vol Block for their generous donation of 516 beautiful stone pavers for our demonstration garden!