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Food Safety

Food safety is a priority for all events to maintain a healthy environment and to reduce the risk of food borne illness. It is important that 4-H groups prepare and serve food in compliance with state laws and local health department rules, including securing appropriate permits. Where the risk is higher, such as events where food is served to large number of people in the public, food safety training is essential.

The goal of food safety education is to minimize the risk of food borne illness at 4-H events where food is prepared or served.

Anyone preparing and/or serving food (whether homemade or prepackaged) is required to complete the food safety training. This training will provide you with important knowledge to handle, prepare, and store food safely.

After careful review, we have decided to retire the MISKIS Food Safety training. In its place, we recommend the ServSafe training: https://www.servsafe.com/access/SS/Catalog/ProductDetail/SSECT6CA This training is valid for 3 years and is a widely recognized certificate that meets California requirements for food handlers. It’s also available in multiple languages. The training cost is $15 per person and we suggest that clubs/councils pay this fee for their volunteers. 

Don't forget to submit a Fundraising Approval Form if you will be preparing food for a fundraiser.

Food Safety Handouts