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Community Club Leaders

Beginning of the Year Resources

4-H Club Budget

4-H Officer Teams are required to submit a budget for their 4-H year at the beginning og the year. This budget is required to be submitted to the Nevada County 4-H office by email or by mail See form below.

4-H Club Budget Form

  • due September 1 for the upcoming 4-H year 

Club Planning Guide

Planning the 4-H year can be challenging work to manage. The Club Planning Guide helps illustrate the required operations a club must conduct and follow. It allows club leadership to plan out the year ahead of them. See form below. 

Club Planning Guide

  • Due Nov 1 of the current 4-H year

Outreach Methods Documentation

4-H clubs put a lot of effort in youth recruitment that should be recognized. The Outreach Documentation Form is a required form that recognizes a clubs effort to reach out into their communities for youth membership and adult volunteers. 
EX: School Presentation about 4-H: 

  • list the date(s) of the presentation(s),
  • number of times the presentation was given
  • any pertinent comments 

All clubs are required to demonstrate outreach efforts in at least three outreach methods. To document your club’s outreach efforts attach copies of flyers, newspaper articles, media releases and lists of personal contacts made to this form. For assistance, call your UCCE county office.

Outreach Methods Documentation

  • Due November 1 of current program year