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Emerald Star Project

Nevada County 4-H Emerald Star Application and Guidelines


Applications are due December 2, 2020

The Emerald Star Project offers the 4-H member an opportunity to individually plan and present a project/event of their own.

The Emerald Star Project is an individual project (No team projects).

Projects require pre-approval by the Emerald Star Committee

  • After receiving applications, the Emerald Star Committee will meet to review the each application that is received by the due date.
  • Applicants will be notified via email, after the review, regarding any questions or recommendations the Emerald Star Committee has regarding the plan.
  • Applicants, parents/guardians, and advisor(s) will be notified to attend a meeting with the committee to discuss questions and concerns specific to the project.


  • The Emerald Star Project will provide an opportunity for a 4-H member to independently increase leadership skills, extend knowledge of 4-H, and to introduce new or expanded programs/events in the Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program and/or their community.
  • The 4-H member will have the opportunity to increase proficiency in organization, leadership, and planning skills.