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Placer County 4-H offers a variety of countywide events during the program year. View events calendar here.

  • ACHIEVEMENT NIGHT- Placer County celebrates all of our youth and volunteers in 4-H! This event is for everyone and everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • ANIMAL YOUTH FAIR/STILL EXHIBITS- This is a day for all youth, adults and the public. 
    • Most clubs participate by bringing animals to share with attendees. This gives youth the opportunity to share their knowledge on the animals they work with through the year, it gives our 4-H community a time to learn about the animal projects in our county and it gives us as Placer County 4-H an opportunity to share what we do in our program with the public.
    • The Still Exhibit portion of the youth fair gives youth who have the intention of entering a craft item, handmade item, photography, art piece and more an opportunity to share their skill and knowledge on the piece they display. Everyone is encouraged to attend, invite friends, family, and neighbors!
  • OFFICER TRAINING- This is for all club officers to attend and adult volunteers.
  • INTERVIEW CONTEST- Open to all youth ages 9 to 19 years. Pick from a list of mock job descriptions, submit your resume and interview!  This is a great opportunity to practice those public speaking skills with just a few people.
  • COUNTY PRESENTATION DAY- A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea or topic by showing, telling, or expressing your opinion. A presentation may be a demonstration, a talk, a speech, or a skit. Youth are encouraged to participate at any age. Youth ages 9 years and older can move on to Area Presentation Day and then State Presentation Day.