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Presentation Day

Presentation Day, usually occurring in February or March, is an annual countywide event that promotes communication. Giving presentations helps develop many life skills including the ability to speak in front of a group, organizing ideas, and creating and using graphics to support the spoken word.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Check the 4-H Calendar for time, location, and event details for this year's Presentation Day event!

Speakers prepare for presentations by giving talks to project groups and community club meetings, practicing skills learned in a project, and observing other people giving presentations, and then present their presentations at the countywide event.  Categories of presentations include the following or download the Presentation Manual  for more details:

  • Demonstrations - "Show How" speech using posters or visual aids
  • Illustrated Talks - Teaches a concept or skill that is impractical to demonstrate in a classroom setting
  • Scientific or Engineering Presentation - A science presentation focuses on making sense of the world by constructing knowledge and an engineering presentation focuses on finding suitable solutions to problems by weighing design choices.
  • Prepared Speech - Written speech designed to persuade, inform, or educate the audience on a single topic
  • Impromptu Speech - Speech topics developed from a pre-announced category from which the speaker will select 
  • Interpretive Reading - Speaker reads any published age-appropriate work acceptable for use in a public school classroom
  • Share the Fun Group Presentation - Groups perform acts or skits that focus on health, safety, community pride, recreation, citizenship, or other 4-H project or activity
  • Cultural Arts - Individual speakers, groups, projects, clubs, etc. perform a costumed dramatic reading, musical, dance, or other such performing art
  • Educational Display - Organized visual presentation of a program or concept (does not include science fair exhibits, other depictions of processes, project exhibits, or collections)

Those "Gold Medal" winning presentations may be presented at the Sectional Presentation event, and if the presentation wins another "Gold Medal," they may present at the State Field Day on the last Saturday in May of each year.

Youth Participation

Of course, you may participate as a Presentation Day speaker, but there are other activities you can participate in too!  Any 4-H Youth Member, 8th grade or older not presenting may participate as the Assistant Room Coordinator or Master of Ceremony.  These jobs include the following:

  • Assist the Room Coordinator
  • Give each presenter time to set up
  • Help members with posters and equipment
  • Introduction of Presentation
  • Monitor door to control distraction
  • After the Closing Ceremonies return to Presentation Room, present certificates
  • Smile, relax, and make this event fun for all!

Refer to this year's Presentation Day calendar event to register!

Adult Volunteers


  • Check in, confirming that all evaluators and MCs assigned to your area are present.
  • Pick up your room packet of materials.
  • Responsible for discipline, seating arrangements, and room clean-up.
  • Maintain a pleasant, informal atmosphere as you assist MC’s, evaluators, presenters, and PARENTS.
  • As presenters come into your room have them fill in top part of three Evaluation Sheets.
  • Collect Evaluation Sheets from Evaluators after each presentation.
  • Keep program moving.
  • Pick up certificates at Tally Room PRIOR to Closing Ceremonies.
  • Room Assembly after Closing Ceremony for distribution of awards.
  • If clean-up is needed, assign a couple of members to the job.  If you need more help, ask parents and leaders present in your room.


  • Be present for Orientation of Evaluators.
  • Use the Evaluation Sheets to make constructive positive comments to help members improve presentations.
  • Be present in the Presentation rooms after closing ceremony.

 Refer to this year's Presentation Day calendar event to register as a Volunteer!