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Financial Resources

Financial Reporting Forms

Financial Reporting is completed at the conclusion of the 4-H year and due on September 1. Below are the required financial reporting forms for completion of financial reporting. 


Financial Reporting Checklist

Reimbursement Process

For any expenses at the 4-H county level, that cannot be completed by the 4-H office, please complete the following process. 


1. Submit a 4-H Pre-approval Form prior to purchase. 

If ordering online, please provide shipping costs and other expenses. 

2. Once approved, make the purchase. 

Keep your receipts for the next step. 

3. Submit a Request for Reimbursement Form with the receipts attached. 

Physical receipts, receipt scans, HD photos of receipts, Order Invoices, and Order Confirmation messages are all accepted. Receipts must clearly identify each item that was purchased and reflect their costs. 


Required Forms for Spending Reimbursement 

  1. Pre-Approval Form *prior to purchase
  2. Request for Reimbursement Form *With itemized receipt

Authorization for 4-H Fundraising

  1. Only chartered VMO's may approval and conduct a fundraiser on behalf of 4-H and must be approved by an adopted budget or by an affirmative vote of the membership. 

  2. From here, all proposed fundraising activities of 4-H units and VMO's must be submitted to the Placer 4-H office for approval using Form 8.7 Fundraising Approval . The county director* or designee is responsible for assuring fundraising activities are in compliance with applicable policies. See Using the 4-H Name and Emblem. Units and VMOs have the authority to receive private money to support the operating expenses of 4-H. All funds for these purposes, regardless of the source, should be accurately accounted for and managed. 

 Fundraising Guidelines

All methods of fundraising by 4-H units and VMOs must comply with UC’s general fund development guidelines given below. .

  1. Any raising or use of funds by a 4-H unit or VMO must be for the purpose of furthering the research and education goals of the 4-H YDP.

  2. All fundraising activities in support of the 4-H YDP must comply with the following:
    1. Federal law regarding the use of the 4-H name applies in these activities.  See Public Law 772 .

    2. Pertinent federal rules and regulations governing Using the 4-H Name and Emblem must also be followed.  Also see Fundraising: Private Support for the 4-H Program 

    3. The 4-H name and emblem shall not be used to imply endorsement of commercial firms, products or services.  See Fundraising: Sponsorships & Promotions .

    4. In connection with 4-H fundraising purposes, the following disclaimer statement must be used on products or services offered for sale: “A portion of the sales price of this product or service will be used to promote 4-H educational programs. No endorsement of the product or service by 4-H is implied or intended.”

    5. Public, non-profit agencies, such as the 4-H YDP are not to conduct lotteries, raffles, bingo, and other games of chance.  See Raffles, Lotteries, Gaming and 4-H .

  3. All fundraising activities conducted on behalf of outside groups or organizations must additionally comply with the following:

    1. 4-H members may participate in fundraising activities in support of outside groups and organizations as part of a service learning activity. See Guidelines for Fundraising to Benefit Groups or Organizations by 4-H Units and VMOs and Fundraising to Benefit Groups or Organizations by 4-H Units and VMOs FAQ .

    2. 4-H groups may collect non-cash items.

    3. 4-H groups may collect cash contributions (i.e., cash or checks) to purchase supplies and materials to carry out their service learning activity.
      1. All money received must be processed and dispersed according to the policies outlined in this chapter.

    4. 4-H groups may not give cash contributions (i.e., cash or checks) to any group or organization outside of 4-H.

    5. Any use of the 4-H name and emblem is forbidden if it exploits the 4-H YDP, adult volunteers, members, USDA, Cooperative Extension, land-grant institutions or their employees.


8.7 Fundraising Approval

  • must be submitted at least one month prior to the event