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Coordinating SLAQs and OAQs with IOE and PEARS

Do we need to complete SLAQs as part of IOE? 

SLAQs are not a part of IOE per se. If you happen to be doing site-level PSE work in a site where you are also conducting IOE, you should use a SLAQ as you normally would. If you are not conducting site-level PSE work in your IOE site, you do not need to complete a SLAQ. You will never need to send any SLAQs or SLAQ scores to the IOE team. 

In FFY24, if your intervention does not include Site-Level PSE activities then a SLAQ is not required.

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Do we need to report on conducting SLAQs or OAQs in PEARS? 

Yes, conducting a SLAQ or OAQ should be reported on the “Needs, Readiness, and Effectiveness” section of the PSE module. A job aid to assist in reporting SLAQs, OAQs, and other needs assessments is available on the CDSS PEARS User Resources webpage. LACs do not need to be reported into PEARS.

Information on timing your data collection and related PEARS entries is available on our 'SLAQ Data Collection' FAQ page.

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