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LHD Activity Checklist


Do I need to complete an LHD Activity Checklist? 

Each site that requires a SLAQ also requires an LHD Activity Checklist to document the LHD’s SNAP-Ed efforts. 

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When should the LHD Activity Checklist be completed? 

Each site that requires a SLAQ should have a matching LHD Activity Checklist submitted by the end of the school or program year, once all SNAP-Ed related activities are completed for that site. The LHD Activity Checklist can be completed or updated throughout the year.

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How does the LHD Activity Checklist differ from the main questionnaire?  

The LHD Activity Checklist is a way for you (the LHD) to report where your SNAP-Ed efforts were focused at the site (or the organization-level) each year, whereas the SLAQ itself gives us a complete picture of where each site stands with regards to implementing each practice. For example, let's say that for FY 20, an LHD worked with an ECE site on improving water access inside and outside and adding water access to the ECE site policy. On the ECE version of the LHD Activity Checklist, this LHD would mark the "practice" and "policy" boxes for 2.13 and 2.14. If those are the only areas the LHD worked on with this site in FY 20, they would not need to mark anything else.  

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How does the LHD Activity Checklist differ from reporting that we do in PEARS? 

The LHD Activity Checklist gives more detail on the SNAP-Ed efforts undertaken by the LHD than what is available in PEARS. It also allows you to report on efforts in progress whereas PEARS only asks about changes that have been adopted.  For example, if an LHD is working on improving written childcare wellness policy to include language on water access inside and outside the childcare facilitythe LHD would mark the policy column for items 2.13 and 2.14 on the ECE version of the LHD Activity Checklistwhether making the change to the policy is still in progress or has already happenedIn contrast, the corresponding "change" in the PEARS PSE module is "Established or improved food/beverage, physical activity and/or wellness-related policies" which is more general and should only be marked once the change to the policy is adopted. 

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