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How are "out-of-school" sites defined? 

Out-of-school sites include any before or after school programs. This would include programs on a school site, as well as off-site programs such as those offered by YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. At this time, out-of-school time summer programs do not need to complete a SLAQ. 

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I am working in an out-of-school site, but only during the summer months. Do I need to complete a SLAQ? 

While out-of-school sites include programs that occur on a school site, as well as off-site programs such as those offered by YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, you only need to complete a SLAQ if you are doing school-year or year-round work at the site. If you are working in a program that occurs during the summer months only, you do not need to complete a SLAQ and can choose to use a different assessment tool to meet the IWP assessment requirement. 

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How should the LEARN SLAQs be completed and submitted? 

Starting in FFY 2021, the LEARN SLAQs will be submitted through an online survey in Survey123. 

Because schools typically need to coordinate among multiple staff to complete a SLAQ, we recommend having the site complete the SLAQ either on paper or a shared Word document, with LHD staff entering the responses into Survey123. Send the form to the site and check in as needed to ensure timely completion of the SLAQ. Some ways for multiple school staff to complete the SLAQ together include: 1) E-mail or snail mail SLAQ sections separately to the corresponding school staff or 2) Convert the SLAQ to a google doc or other type of shared word document and share the link with the appropriate school staff. You can separate the SLAQ into multiple shared documents or keep it all together. 

For ECE and OST sites, the site can complete on paper or in a separate document or they can complete the SLAQ directly in Survey123. If the site completes the online survey, the LHD should provide them with the necessary information to complete the “Site Information” section (pg. 2 of the paper version). Without the Site Information, sites will not be able to complete the Survey123 questionnaire. 

Whenever the SLAQ is completed on paper or another document, the LHD will need to ensure that survey data has been entered into the Survey123 questionnaire to complete submission.

Additional instructions and more information about the pros and cons of each method are included in the LEARN SLAQ protocols, available in the SLAQ SharePoint folder. 

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