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Special SLAQ Situations

I am working with a large number of sites (e.g., over 100 schools). Do I need to complete a separate questionnaire for each site? 

This depends on the nature of your work at the site itself. Is your engagement with the site "on-the-ground", working with site staff to implement PSE change? If the answer is yes, annual SLAQs should be conducted for each site. However, we realize that may not be feasible when we're talking about very large numbers of sites and can brainstorm with you some potential alternatives (e.g., sampling) and strategies for facilitating SLAQ completion. Please contact us about your particular situation, so that we can work with you directly.  

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I am delivering a training to a group of sites and am not planning to follow-up with each site or work directly with each site to implement PSE change. Do these sites still need to do a SLAQ? 

If you are not engaged directly with each site, a SLAQ is not required.

However, a training is an excellent opportunity to request that SLAQs be completed. One possibility would be to build in some additional time at your training so that site staff in attendance can at least begin to complete the SLAQs while they are there in person. This will also help ensure that you are assessing baseline, before they go on to make changes based on your training, and we recommend that you reach out to the same group of sites the following year and ask that they re-assess. 

If you go on to provide assistance in implementing PSE change to any of the sites that received your initial training, those sites are then required to conduct the SLAQ annually.   

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What if I’m working at the organizational level (e.g. a district), and not specifically at the site? 

If you are primarily working at the organizational level (e.g. a coordinating agency or a school district) to help revise policies, implement district-wide Farm-to-School procurement, etc., you may not need to conduct SLAQs at every site. Please contact the SLAQ team to confirm whether SLAQs are needed in your situation. We would still like you to complete the LHD Activity Checklist each year, which gives you an option to select "site" vs "organization-level" reporting. This checklist can be completed quickly and will be used for state-level evaluation. 

If you are considering working with any of the sites to additionally implement site-level PSE work at a later time, the SLAQ would then become required, and you may find it helpful to use the SLAQ to identify areas for future PSE work. If there are opportunities to recommend or request that sites complete the SLAQ district-/organization-wide, this could be a mechanism for making sure SLAQs are collected annually and available for both needs assessment and evaluation purposes.  

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