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Curriculum Resources

Welcome 4-H Project Leaders!

We have provided 4-H curriculum from a variety of resources and they are sure to keep your youth busy and engaged. If you need assistance or would like to add something to our resources, please contact local 4-H staff.

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Virtual Meetings - ZOOM      Request a 4-H Zoom Meeting Here

Zoom Tips for Users                  Zoom Instructions Summary           How to Join a Zoom Meeting Youtube Video

Zoom 101 Online Training


How can you help teens during the coronavirus crisis?

During this time of confinement and family stress, building relationships with teens is more important than ever. Relationships with caring adults are key to helping teens cope with adversity. Here is a list of ways you can connect with and support teens in your programs right now: CLICK HERE

Animal and Agricultural Science

AgCiting Adventure

Description ~ The AgCiting Science web-based app is available for use in school enrichment programs, afterschool programs, and beyond. Through the AgCiting Adventure, students use basic agriculture production practices to complete the growth and harvest of the components of their breakfast. While gaining agricultural literacy knowledge participants utilize math, motor, and problem-solving skills to follow a recipe (Nebraska 4-H).

Animal Science Anywhere


Description: The Animal Science Anywhere lesson series is designed to help leaders engage 4-H youth at club meetings or events in learning more about the science and life skills involved in animal and veterinary science projects. Youth may work in teams or individually to accomplish the lesson objectives. Lessons are flexible, providing adaptations for various locations, ages and audiences Michigan State University.     

Large Livestock Educational Link Resources.pdf

Environmental Education/Earth Sciences

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Project Learning Tree activities for the backyard

Description ~ Project Learning Tree is an outdoor education curriculum for kids, to help engage them in nature and hands-on learning. "Project Learning Tree helps develop students’ awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the environment, builds their skills and ability to make informed decisions, and encourages them to take personal responsibility for sustaining the environment and our quality of life that depends on it. From its beginnings in 1976, PLT has exemplified high-quality environmental education" (PLT Website). 

https://scistarter.org/stemcare is a portal to iNatualist and Budburst which are citizen science projects I'd like to encourage students and teachers to use when they are outdoors

Other Resources

UCANR Youth Development Resources Activities for youth, children and families. The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program promotes hands-on, experiential learning for all youth ages 5-19. Many projects can help keep children engaged while school is out.

National 4-H Activity Guide-Download the ultimate 4-H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide for 60 hands-on, educational activities to help your child continue doing, learning and growing all year long.

4-H Inspire Kids to do activity guide (2nd edition)


Career Explorer - (Itunes App is also available)

Description ~ Career Explorer will help you connect the dots between the choices you make every day and the opportunities you could have in the future. At each stage of the game you will be able to enter the workforce, get additional education, or explore training programs. At the conclusion of the game you will have the opportunity to email the results to yourself with tips on how to make that career a reality in your life (Nebraska 4-H).

4-H Mall Curriculum Books Our 450+ Curriculum titles are perfect for 4-H club, school, enrichment, and homeschool settings. From project books to science experiments to skill-building activities, these learning resources are research-based, hands-on, and fun! Select the resource that best fits your individual or group setting and the appropriate level – whether it’s for grades K-12 or beyond. Choose from popular topics such as Biology, Computer Science, Cooking, Electricity, Entomology, Gardening, Honey Bees, Photography, Robotics, Solar Power, and more!

California State PTA Resource Library-California State PTA connects families, schools and communities.

Service Learning

Mask Service Learning Project-

These masks do not replace the N95 masks nor surgical masks, which offer the greatest protection against COVID-19.  But they can help workers and people in lower risk environments. This is where 4-H can offer “hands to larger service.”Mask Service Learning Project. Sign up to volunteer where you are able and let’s help close the nationwide gap one mask at a time. Click Here to view CDC Guidelines for Use of Cloth Face Coverings 

Healthy Living

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Health Rocks

Description ~ Health Rocks!® is curricula for a healthy living program targeted at young people ages 8 to 14. Health Rocks! helps youth develop life skills in the area of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management and goal setting; in turn building resiliency skills, and promoting the resistance of risky behaviors (Nebraska 4-H)."

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program

The mission of SLOSB and the Youth, Families and Communities program is to cultivate environments where local youth, families, and community members have access to research-based resources and knowledge in order to be the creators of a healthy, inspired, active, & connected Central Coast. Check out their YOUTUBE Videos for great activities!



Coping with Stress while Sheltering

Eating Smart - Being Active

Nourish Curriculum Guide 

Dairy Council of California


Live Healthy Live Well

Technology and Engineering

Computational Thinking Activities

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CS First Coding Class - CS First Program Information

Description ~ Best for beginners and no computer coding experience needed! CS First is a free online computer coding program for beginners.

This class can be hosted by San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara 4-H, and open to anyone. No 4-H membership required. 

Please contacted us if you are interested in bringing Computer Coding to your youth or program. 

Video CS Pathway: Any Student Can Be Inspired 

Python  Best for Intermediate learners. Find 4-H Project information here, Python Utah curricula  

Tag: Digital Making at Home 

Information on virtual fieldtrips including a link to join a new fieldtrip every Friday. http://lucas.osu.edu/VR

Iowa 4-H- NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium STEAM Academy

4-H NYSD Game Changers - Game Changers uses physical activity and puzzles to teach kids important CS concepts and problem-solving skills, creating real-world connections between computer science and civic engagement, healthy living and agriculture.

Do-at-Home STEM- Fun, hands-on science activities for kids of all ages to do at home or virtually.


Nationwide Resources

Iowa 4-H - At home Learning Resources

Nebraska 4-H - Living Room Learning

Ohio 4-H- 10-Minute Science

Ohio 4-H - STEM Pathways

Oklahoma 4-H -4-H at Home, Resources for Every Project

Utah 4-H -Home-Ready Resources