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UC Weed Science Parasitic Weeds Threaten Tomato Plants on California Farms about an hour ago
UCCE MG OC News Busting the Myth: Easy and Beautiful Bulb Gardening Unveiled! 2 hours ago
Bug Squad UC Davis Entomology and Nematology's Fall Seminars Begin Monday, Oct. 2 3 hours ago
Entomology & Nematology News Paul CaraDonna Seminar: Understanding Plant-Pollinator Interactions 4 hours ago
Green Blog UC scientists share techniques to sustainably grow agave in California 5 hours ago
The Stanislaus Sprout The Backyard is for the Birds! 5 hours ago
Hopland REC Welcome GrizzlyCorps Fellow: Lily Elola 5 hours ago
Nutrition Policy Institute News Research brief: CalFresh Healthy Living interventions increase students’ fruit and vegetable consumption during COVID-19 school closures 9 hours ago
ANR Update Employees of UC ANR, we heard you 10 hours ago
Under the Solano Sun Botanical Names for Dummies 19 hours ago
Comunidades Saludables Estudiantes latinos se divierten y aprenden en campamento de 4-H 1 day ago
Blog Verde Experiencia e historia la guía en el cuidado y protección de la tierra 1 day ago
IGIS California Rural Central Valley Cellular Broadband Speed Tests 1 day ago
Employee Spotlights From one small town to another, REC director inspires youngsters to consider careers in agriculture 1 day ago
HOrT COCO-UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa Time to Adjust Your Irrigation 1 day ago
Fresno Gardening Green Seed libraries offer gardeners seeds for free 2 days ago
ANR Employee News L&D: GIS & data science, health literacy, engage audience, implicit bias, time sheet, orientation conflict competence 2 days ago
Napa Master Gardener Column Celebrating Fall’s Bounty 3 days ago
Forest Research and Outreach Fueling community knowledge: A conversation with UC ANR Fire Advisor Barb Satink Wolfson 4 days ago
Food Blog Infected citrus pest that spreads disease found in Ventura County 4 days ago
Noticias Una reunión por accidente y una cosecha abundante resulta en la obtención del primer lugar al mejor proyecto 4 days ago
The Real Dirt Blog Growing Blueberries 5 days ago
Livestock & Range San Benito County Livestock Pass Program Training - September 25 5 days ago
UC Delivers UC Digital Agriculture Program Cuts Airborne Pesticide Drift by 78% in Tree Crops 5 days ago
Topics in Subtropics Proactive Biocontrol!!!! 6 days ago
Preservation Notes Butternut and Pear Soup 6 days ago
Garden Notes Cultivate Your Passion: Enroll in the 2024 Master Gardener Training Class 7 days ago
Diablo Region Crops Why is Oriental Fruit Fly a threat to Contra Costa and California Crops? 7 days ago
Pests in the Urban Landscape Poisonous Plants in the Landscape 7 days ago
UC Master Gardener Program Statewide Blog Winners of the 2023 UC Master Gardener Photo Contest 8 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County Garden Myths: Is eating rhubarb leaves deadly? 8 days ago
ANR Adventures 8 days ago
Spill the Beans Growing Tomatoes in Containers Trial Update 9 days ago
Climate Smart Agriculture Soil Health 9 days ago
Healthy Communities Blog 4-H youth project helps Siskiyou County prepare animals for emergencies 11 days ago
Thriving Forward Meet John and Cindy McIntosh 11 days ago
Ranching in the Sierra Foothills Lighting (Rx) Fires in July 12 days ago
Blog de Alimentos Los granjeros podrán saber el costo de cultivar tomates con anticipación 14 days ago
SJC and Delta Field Crops 2023 UC Field Crops, Alfalfa, and Forage Field Day 15 days ago
Youth Development Insights The Benefits of Volunteering 20 days ago
Strawberries and Caneberries Biodegradable Mulch and Plastic Waste Management in Strawberry Fields Meeting - September 12 20 days ago
Urban Agriculture Grow Your Urban Agriculture Dreams with the CDFA Urban Agriculture Grant Program - Applications Open Until October 23, 2023! 20 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties When It Rains: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Troubled Waters 20 days ago
The Backyard Gardener The Sneezing Season 21 days ago
UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County Keepin' it Fresh: Revitalizing your Garden! 22 days ago
Nut, Olive and Prune Programmatic News Whole Orchard Recycling a Common Sight in Tulare County 26 days ago
UC Small Grains Blog Registration Open: 2023 Kearney Field Crops, Alfalfa and Forage Field Day - Sep 29, 2023 27 days ago
Salinas Valley Agriculture Cost Studies Updated 32 days ago
UC Dry Bean Blog Registration Open: 2023 Kearney Field Crops, Alfalfa and Forage Field Day - Sep 29, 2023 33 days ago
Alfalfa & Forage News Registration Open: 2023 Kearney Field Crops, Alfalfa and Forage Field Day - Sep 29, 2023 33 days ago
Together@Work 34 days ago
UC Rice Blog Weeds in 2023: Wrap Up 34 days ago
UC Master Gardeners- Diggin' it in SLO Transform Your Lawn 35 days ago
Sacramento Valley Field Crops Italian Ryegrass Research Updates, 2022 Herbicide Trials 41 days ago
Master Food Preservers San Bernardino County Atmospheric Steam Canning: This is nice to know 41 days ago
The Confluence Database of Demand Management Actions Under SGMA Goes Live 42 days ago
ANR Contracts & Grants Updates CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, concept proposals due September 7, 2023 43 days ago
ANR news releases The VINE announces call for startups to apply for field-trial support 54 days ago
ISHB News New ISHB Pest Note/Participatory Science Workshops Rescheduled in August 55 days ago
Sacramento 4-H Present…But Not 56 days ago
California 4-H Grown 4-H Diamond Clover Award 2023 Winners! 57 days ago
Agritourism Connections Taking Collaboration in Agritourism to the Next Level: Reflections on a Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Assignment in the Philippines 69 days ago
Citrus IPM News Workshop on Ants at LREC: Management of Sap-Sucking Pests and Ants in Citrus Orchards 71 days ago
Healthy Youth, Families, and Communities San Luis Obispo Celebrates Farmers Market Week Aug 6th-12th - Join Us! 74 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Kings 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Fresno 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Merced 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Stanislaus county 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Eastern San Joaquin Co. 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Western San Joaquin Co. 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Thrips/TSWV status in Yolo & Colusa 2023 Third Report (July 8th) 80 days ago
Conservation Agriculture Documentary video on no-tillage in California being prepared 87 days ago
Intermountain REC News IREC Field Day - Thursday 7/27/23 102 days ago
Coordinator News Welcome! New Advisors to the UC Master Gardener Community 116 days ago
Environmental Horticulture News Trees for Tomorrow Update: Trees Cool 1,200 Urban Heat Islands 117 days ago
Garden News & Views Save the Monarch Butterfly: Grow California Native Milkweeds 124 days ago
Fresas y Moras ¡Ojo! Se ha traslado la Reunión del Programa de Mejoramiento de Fresa de UC Davis de 24 de mayo. ¡Ojo! 130 days ago
UCCE Livestock & Range Topics Opportunity to Support the US Sheep Shearing Team at the Golden Shears World Championships 137 days ago
Landscape Horticulture Updates for Southern California Climate-Change Resources 139 days ago
Grape Notes Cover crop residues and fire risk 145 days ago
Web / IT News Clean Up the Clutter of Your Site Builder Site 166 days ago
Choe Laboratory News Photos from UCR UPMC 2023 181 days ago
Nuestra Comunidad El programa CalFresh Healthy Living de UC ayuda a jóvenes 186 days ago
UCCE Sonoma UCCE Sonoma Annual Report 2022 207 days ago
The Bee Gardener Research to Create Better Bee Gardens 211 days ago
CropManage: online irrigation and nutrient management tool 2023 Northern San Joaquin Valley CropManage Hands-on Training 264 days ago
Southern IPM Activities Need to Renew your DPR or Structural Board License? Take a Brand New Online Course on Pesticide Runoff and Surface Water Protection 301 days ago
Small and Organic Farm Advisor Practical Training on Nitrogen Planning and Management in Organic Production 314 days ago
Kearney news updates Kearney hosts tour for fertilizer research conference attendees 328 days ago
Master Food Preserver SLO/SB Counties Curious about Chutney 342 days ago
Native Garden at the Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center New Signage Coming Soon! 350 days ago
The Coastal Gardener Holiday Cacti 362 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of Fresno/Madera Counties Master Composter Randy Thomson presenting class at Three Sisters Garden Madera 378 days ago
UC Cooperative Extension, Ventura County Invasive Goldspotted Borer Hits California Oaks 383 days ago
UCCE San Bernardino County Consumer and Family Science News SAREP Grant: Expanding Education to Underserved Communities through UCANR Programs: Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, Master Gardener Program, and Master Food Preserver Program 393 days ago
Community Pest News Organic Herbicides presentation on June 23 466 days ago
ANR News Blog Scientific analysis says produce is 474 days ago
California Naturalist Joshua Trees at the Hub of an Ecosystem 477 days ago
Foothill Fodder Frost Recovery: When Doing Nothing is the Best Advice 523 days ago
Master Gardener Information San Diego Garden Clippings Important Dates 525 days ago
UCCE Riverside County Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Tribe Grow a Healthy Garden 526 days ago
E-Journal of Entomology and Biologicals Integrated pest management options for the western flower thrips in lettuce 543 days ago
North Coast Forest Health Bark Beetle Outbreaks and Conifer Mortality 547 days ago
Bay Area News We Are Hiring Community Education Specialists - UCCE Alameda (EFNEP Team) 586 days ago
News from UC ANR South Coast REC and Beyond February Is About Safe Pesticide Use - Free Courses 586 days ago
BLP's in OC February Is About Safe Pesticide Use - Free Courses 586 days ago
Notes from The Orchard Pruning in The Orchard 593 days ago
Landscape Lush 2022 Green Gardener Qualification Classes 613 days ago
Crop Biostimulants Information focusing on biostimulant use, concerns, and future expectations among CA vegetable growers is now available 618 days ago
Ventura County 4-H 2021 Achievement Awards Event 630 days ago
SAFE Landscapes Wildflire: Weather. Water, Weeds, and Wildlife 645 days ago
DREC Farm Smart's Fall 2021 Newsletter 651 days ago
What's Growing On - San Joaquin UC Master Gardeners Holiday Plants Add To A Home’s Cheer 666 days ago
Project Board News Project Board Year 3 (2020-2021) Recap 691 days ago
Hansen News Diagnosing Herbicide Injury- New Online Course Available Now! 719 days ago
Small Farm News for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Tools to Estimate Soil Water Status 734 days ago
Lindcove Research and Extension Center News Citrus thrips field day at LREC 757 days ago
Placer/Nevada 4-H Blog Our 4-H Heritage 783 days ago
Healthy Central Sierra Harvest of the Month: Blackberries 818 days ago
Pest News Spotted lanternfly resources for Californians and others 881 days ago
Horticulture Highlights for the Coachella Valley Plant a Tree. Leave a Legacy! 890 days ago
Get Inspired! Volunteer Connections #2: Continuing forward... 900 days ago
Glassy-winged sharpshooter & Pierce's Disease 2021 First post 912 days ago
NCPN Sweet Potato NCPN-Sweetpotato Center Reports - December 2020 1030 days ago
Outstanding in the Field: Views from North Coast Rangeland Seeding Rangelands After Fire 1056 days ago
UC ANR South Coast REC Field Events, Workshops, and Extension Persimmon Workshop and U-Pick 2019 1058 days ago
News and Events from UCCE San Bernardino County 'Introduction to Small Scale Organic Farming' Workshop (12/15/20) via Zoom 1064 days ago
Irrigation Blog Current orchard water status 1068 days ago
NCPN Grapes Microshoot Tip Therapy Featured in News Article 1077 days ago
The Leaflet Plant bulbs in fall for spring beauty 1111 days ago
The Long Narrow Swale The Rumsfeld filter 1126 days ago
Extensión Cooperativa del Condado de Monterey Clase de Compost - Agosto 13, 2020 1142 days ago
National Clean Plant Network Fiscal Year 2021 Open Period 1167 days ago
NCPN Roses pure test. 1168 days ago
Livestock & Range News Review article: protein supplementation strategies to improve ranch profitability 1194 days ago
Science for Citrus Health Infusing therapeutic material into citrus trees to treat HLB 1210 days ago
UC CalFresh Fresno/Madera Counties Smarter Lunchrooms Movement in Fresno Unified School District 1229 days ago
SFREC News Healthy soils project update 1267 days ago
UC CalFresh Tulare / Kings Counties Bon Appetit! 1348 days ago
Nutrition News in the Butte Cluster YCUSD Partners with CalFresh Healthy Living, UC to Implement the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Districtwide 1378 days ago
Farming in the Foothills Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Impacts to Irrigation 1426 days ago
A Garden Runs Through It - UCCE Master Gardeners of Colusa County Crape Myrtle 1481 days ago
Master Food Preservers of San Bernardino County Plumtastic 1505 days ago
Nursery and Flower Grower How cut flower vase solutions work 1533 days ago
East Bay Urban Agriculture Farming Map Let's Map It Out 1547 days ago
The Biochar Blog Two day seminar on Korean Natural Farming 1547 days ago
Notes in the Margins: Agronomy and Weed Science Musings Wet Weather and Weeds 1579 days ago
Kearney spam Ucanr Validation Request on May 01, 2019, 07:38 AM 1609 days ago
Cooperative Extension Connection UC Master Gardeners Collaborate on 'Climate-Ready Landscape Trees' Project 1689 days ago
You See CE Mulch and Avocado Root Rot and Gibberellic Acid Too! 1712 days ago
UC CalFresh Tulare in Action! “Put Your Best Foot Forward” with Playground Stencils 1716 days ago
AsisTel You can help reduce your risk of injury 1741 days ago
NCPN Citrus Joint Conference of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists XXI and the International Research Conference on Huanglongbing 1743 days ago
Compost and Waste Management Welcome 1757 days ago
Small Steps to Health and Wealth Countdown to a Food-Safe Thanksgiving 1790 days ago
Leafhopper Blog End of Season Leafhopper Parasitism Counts and Nymph Data 1799 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay Two Methods to Winterize Your Garden 1822 days ago
San Mateo/San Francisco County 4-H 2018-2019 4-H Program Gearing up for the Year! 1832 days ago
Solution Center For Nutrient Management Challenges of Measuring Soil Biological Activity 1862 days ago
Merced County 4-H Happenings Merced County 4-H helping Ferguson Fire relief efforts 1895 days ago
Sonoma County 4-H Reporter July 4-H Reporter 1904 days ago
CT Video Updates CASI’s Mitchell leads soil workshop for Selma summer school students 1911 days ago
Fruit & Nut Center Updates Produce Quality Specialist in Menlo Park, CA 1932 days ago
NCPN Fruit Trees Breeding for Disease Resistance 1959 days ago
NCPN Hops Field Guide Integrated Pest Management in Hops 1959 days ago
Campus Voices for Food + Climate Sustainability CalFresh at the UC's 1974 days ago
San Joaquin County 4-H Calling all artists! The County Fair coloring contest 1986 days ago
Thrips/TSWV in peppers 2018 Season - First post 1996 days ago
NCPN Berries Five Tips for Safeguarding Berry Farms from Virus Disease 2089 days ago
Dispatches from the Orchard Oh, Hello 2171 days ago
UC Center for Forestry Where and how to get fire information 2176 days ago
San Bernardino 4-H Organic FFA Grants Now Open! 2183 days ago
Off to a Good Start Off to a Good Start 2211 days ago
Crop Quiz August 30, 2017 - Quiz #99 2218 days ago
Riverside County Master Gardeners Citrus Greening (HLB) Detected In Riverside 2251 days ago
Small Farm News Exploring Bay Area Wholesale Market Options 2283 days ago
IPMinfo IPMinfo smartphone application for Android and iOS devices 2287 days ago
Eat Local Placer Nevada Find Your Local Farmers’ Market! 2338 days ago
Volunteer Spotlight February Volunteer Spotlight - Sara Glashan 2385 days ago
Riverside County 4-H County Presentation Day and Fashion Revue 2399 days ago
IPM in field crops Invasive species week 2400 days ago
Placer 4-H Blog Wreaths Across America By: Kaylee F. 2449 days ago
Santa Cruz County 4-H Announcement Blog 4-H November Council Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Treasure Report 2506 days ago
VC Master Gardener Program Update Master Gardeners in Ventura County - 9/24/2016 2558 days ago
OFF TO A GOOD START The Power of Play and Children’s Development 2590 days ago
Southern California Oaks PSHB in the VC Reporter 2631 days ago
Butte County Demonstration Garden Floppy Flower Phenomenon 2645 days ago
UCCE San Mateo, San Francisco, and Elkus Ranch Spring Garden Market Wrap-Up 2703 days ago
Fall and Spring Lettuce TSWV risk Update 4/18/2-16 2717 days ago
Kern Range Blog Feedyard Foodie 2745 days ago
North State Garden News Looking for Authors 2777 days ago
Master Gardeners of Ventura County Master Gardeners of Ventura County Update 2820 days ago
Oak Conservation Proceedings Available - 7th California Oak Symposium: Managing Oak Woodlands in a Dynamic World 2847 days ago
Project Learning Tree - UC Cooperative Extension new!! 2988 days ago
Postharvest Postings 37th Annual Postharvest Technology of Horticutural Crops: A Valuable Experience 3004 days ago
Climate change, water, and society Levees and groundwater supply: the connection 3051 days ago
California Spotted Owl News Diversity of habitat needed around spotted owl reserves, study shows 3066 days ago
Pistachio Research Blog Thesis underway! 3089 days ago
Merced County 4-H Club News April 10, 2015 Updates 3091 days ago
Healthy San Joaquin Collaborative March 2015 Meeting 3112 days ago
Nursery & Floriculture News 'Super Sleuth' Solves the Mystery of the Dead Bees 3169 days ago
Tales of A North Coast Winegrower 2014 Harvest Summary Lake and Mendocino Counties 3193 days ago
VictoryGrower Amaryllis and Friendship 3306 days ago
Plant Pathology Bryce Falk now Distinguished Professor (effective July 1, 2014) 3339 days ago
Goldspotted Oak Borer Protect California’s landscape this camping season, don’t move firewood! 3415 days ago
Foundation Plant Services Greek wines and more 3416 days ago
Janet's Blog Drought Update 3433 days ago
Ventura County 4-H Club Officer Officer Nominations & Committees 3471 days ago
Roger's Livestock Blog Drought Workshop Scheduled for January 29th at Sierra Research and Extension Center 3549 days ago
Wildflowers! New Issue #6 Fall 2013 3598 days ago
Sahara Mustard Consortium Updates on Research 3598 days ago
Boating Environmental Forum HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH OIL? 3625 days ago
The California Practical Gardener New Pest Alert for Bagrada bug, a pest of cole crops 3634 days ago
ANR Surveys - Tips n' tricks Copying Your Survey 3648 days ago
Sonoma County AGROpreneurship Program The deadline to apply for 2013 Agropreneur Training has been extended to Friday, April 19th! 3820 days ago
The Forest Steward - applying science to the management of forests How to train your giant sequoia 3826 days ago
Pacific Fisher News Estimating Trend in Occupancy for the S. Sierra Fisher Population 3836 days ago
CS&IT Updates Phishing Scams 3976 days ago
LA County Master Food Preservers 2012 Blue Ribbon Sweepstakes Winner Francine Rippy 4005 days ago
Los Angeles Agriculture Can Small Urban Farmers Sell at Local Farmers’ Markets? Yes! (But it Takes Some Work.) 4093 days ago
Master Gardeners Make a Difference Thank You for Being a Part of the UC Master Gardener Program 4115 days ago
PSU Updates County Directors to Meet on April 5 4201 days ago
Prune Growing in California Fungicides for disease control and resistance management. 4219 days ago
SFS SI Resource List 4390 days ago
Butterfly Gardening in Santa Barbara County Our beautiful brochure 4451 days ago
We-R-4-H News Santa Barbara County 4-H Youth Development Program Restructuring(YDP) 4470 days ago
San Luis Obispo County Master Gardeners More Frequently Asked Questions about the Program 4486 days ago
Maternal and Infant Nutrition Briefs What are US infants and toddlers eating? 4624 days ago
Sonoma County Rangeland Program Mailing List 4675 days ago
CA4HA Goes to NAE4HA 2010 Conference Photos 4719 days ago
Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative Your questions answered... 4896 days ago
Groundwater UC Davis Groundwater Blog and other Links 5118 days ago
California Gardening Weekly Gardening Tip Practical Water Gardening 5125 days ago