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Requesting a Personnel Change

The first step that you’ll take when requesting a change to your employee's position, such as a supervisor change, an FTE update, or a reclassification, is to complete an online HR Data Changes Request (  You will need to have been set-up to use the system. Please contact if you are unable to access it. Use Google Chrome, disable pop-up blockers, and make sure you login with your email exchange and complete the DUO Authentication.

Once your online personnel change request is submitted, you will need to open a ticket through our online HR Help Desk. Please note the Task ID (from the Data Changes form) in your ticket.

Once our office receives your request, we will assign it to one of our HR Analysts who will contact you and assist you with the process.

This half hour webinar shows you how to navigate the form: 

Job Descriptions

Writing a proper Job Description is an effective way to recruit and retain a qualified workforce. The job description is designed to provide hiring managers and supervisors with the tools to establish an appropriate relationship between the position requirements, the recruitment, performance, and expectations of the position.

Job descriptions should identify key position details such as appointment type, and provide a clear picture of the overall characteristics of a position, giving enough detail to accurately communicate the key responsibilities of the position. 

JDX Job Builder Many existing job descriptions from the old Job Builder and CATS have been uploaded to the newer system. You can review your staff job descriptions by clicking on the "My Employees" QuickLink.

Additional Resources:

Video of Add New Job Description (18 min):

Video of Revise Job Description (3 min):

Video of full training (57 min):  PLEASE NOTE: To add new JD, please watch the first (18 min) video instead of the full training. The process has been updated.

UPDATED Slide deck: Supv/Dept Preparer JDX JB Training

Job Standard Titles: UC ANR Titles

Working Titles

To learn more about “Working Titles”, please take a look at the UC ANR Working Titles Guidelines.

Appointment Types

There are different types of appointments – Career, Limited, Waiver and Contract.

  • Career – is an appointment established at a fixed or variable percentage of time at 50 percent or more of full-time, which is expected to continue for one year or longer.
  • *Limited – is an appointment established at any percentage of a full time equivalent (FTE), which can be fixed or variable (e.g. 20%), during which the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 hours in a 12-month period.
  • *Contract – is an appointment established at a fixed or variable percentage of time for a definite period. Terms and conditions of employment are specified in a written employment contract. Contract appointments are reviewed on an annual basis and not to exceed 3 years. Contracts appointments cannot be used for union represented titles.
  • *Per Diem – is an appointment for over 1000 hours but is not a "career" position. Per Diem appointments are used to supplement career and limited-term services, not to replace them.

*For Limited-Term, Contract, and Per Diem appointments, you may be able to "waive" your candidate into the position by bypassing the open recruitment process. To learn more, please visit the Recruitment page and look for “Waiver of Recruitment."

Fixed or Variable Appointments

In addition to identifying the position’s appointment type, the hiring manager/supervisor will need to identify how the employee's work hours will be scheduled – hours of work will either be Fixed or Variable.

  • Fixed appointments – Assigned for staff positions that will consistently work the same number of hours each week.
  • Variable appointments – The percentage of time listed in the job announcement is the minimum percentage of hours that will be worked each month. For example, a 40% limited-term appointment means that the employee will be guaranteed a minimum of 40% time work/pay each month.

Accelerated Hires and Typical Positions

To accelerate the classification process, HR has pre-classified several position descriptions. Some positions are already pre-posted for identified candidates to apply to, while others are ready to be prepared for recruitment. For a list of approved pre-classified position descriptions, refer to the Pre-Classified Spreadsheet.

To learn more about Accelerated Hires, please visit the Recruitment page.

To learn more about our most popular positions and associated costs, see the appropriate classification tab: Typical Positions 2022

Career Tracks

Career Tracks is being implemented as a replacement classification system for non-represented staff positions across the UC system, including UC ANR. The movement to an updated classification structure is meant to accurately describe jobs (see Career Tracks standards), align them with the competitive market and assign the same classification to comparable positions at all locations. The goal is for employees and managers to have a greater understanding of their roles and the steps needed for career development.

To learn more about Career Tracks, please go to the system-wide Career Tracks page on UCnet.


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